20 Interesting Facts about the Sistine Chapel

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a person who enjoys learning about art and the artists who create it. Yet we all know people who don’t share this interest, and may even find art history to be dry and boring (gasp!). Well, art history is anything but dry and boring if you know the stories behind the paintings!

From DaVinci’s Mona Lisa to the diverse works of Picasso, learning the story behind a painting or an artist can ignite a new interest for our students and fuel our own passion for art history.

Check out the infographic below (*courtesy of our friends at OMNIA Vatican and Rome) for 20 Interesting Facts about the Sistine Chapel that might surprise you…. and could even win over the most reluctant art history student!
Sistine Chapel infographic

*Special thanks to OMNIA Vatican and Rome for allowing me to share this infographic!

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