Autumn Leaves – Kindergarten Style!

Autumn Leaf by Gabriel

If you happen to have a five year old in your life (or maybe a class full of them!), you may want to try this fun project for fall! Hillary Dixon, one of our fabulous Kindergarten teachers, shared this idea with me today… her class had just finished making these colorful leaves and they made such a striking display that I had to run and get my camera!

1. First, use a crayon sharpener to create lots of crayon shavings in fall colors, keeping each color separate from the others.
2. Next, place the crayon shavings between squares of wax paper. A good size “pinch” of 4 or 5 colors should be enough.

3. Then, have an adult iron the wax paper (on low setting) to melt the crayon shavings, and set these aside to cool.

4. Now, trace leaf shapes onto brown, orange, red or yellow construction paper. Carefully cut these out.
5. Finally, use a glue stick to glue a leaf cut-out onto each wax paper square. Trim away any extra wax paper that may be sticking out along the edges.

6. Use tape rolls to display your leaves in a window so the sun can shine through!

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