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Kids love to celebrate birthdays, so what better time to introduce a new artist than on that artist’s birthday? I’ve created a new page on my site to help you plan your artist birthday celebrations! Just click on the “Artist Birthdays” link on my menu bar for a list of birthdays by month, complete with […] ]]>
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Underwater Fantasy inspired by Paul Klee http://www.teachkidsart.net/underwater-fantasy-inspired-by-paul/ http://www.teachkidsart.net/underwater-fantasy-inspired-by-paul/#comments Mon, 30 Apr 2012 00:21:00 +0000 http://biz123.inmotionhosting.com/~teachk5/2012/04/underwater-fantasy-inspired-by-paul-klee.html

Swiss painter and graphic artist, Paul Klee, is known for his child-like use of line and color…. maybe that’s why kids relate so well to his work! ┬áThe influence of Surrealism, Expressionism, and Cubism is easily seen in his art, yet he really had a style all his own. ┬áThis project is inspired by his […] ]]>
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Self-Portrait Workshop – Paul Klee http://www.teachkidsart.net/self-portrait-workshop-paul-klee/ http://www.teachkidsart.net/self-portrait-workshop-paul-klee/#comments Mon, 11 May 2009 04:15:00 +0000 http://biz123.inmotionhosting.com/~teachk5/2009/05/self-portrait-workshop-paul-klee.html

Here is a sampling of self-portraits inspired by artist Paul Klee (including one in progress) from my last teacher workshop. Paul Klee (1879-1940) was a Swiss artist known for his highly individual, abstract style. His work was influenced by many different art movements, including Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism. This project uses squares of “bleeding tissue” […] ]]>
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Abstract Scatch Art http://www.teachkidsart.net/abstract-scatch-art/ http://www.teachkidsart.net/abstract-scatch-art/#comments Sat, 04 Apr 2009 01:08:00 +0000 http://biz123.inmotionhosting.com/~teachk5/2009/04/abstract-scatch-art.html

This project was inspired by Swiss artist Paul Klee. Paul Klee (1879-1940) was an abstract artist known for his highly individual style, which was influenced by many different art movements, including Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism. Random colors in the background appear as your design is scratched out, offering a fun surprise whether you create a […] ]]>
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Self-Portraits Inspired by Paul Klee http://www.teachkidsart.net/self-portraits-inspired-by-paul-klee/ http://www.teachkidsart.net/self-portraits-inspired-by-paul-klee/#comments Fri, 27 Feb 2009 17:58:00 +0000 http://biz123.inmotionhosting.com/~teachk5/2009/02/self-portraits-inspired-by-paul-klee.html

  Kindergarten self-portrait and “Senecio” by Paul Klee One of our wonderful parent volunteers recently shared a great website with me that she found. If you’re looking for new art lessons to try, check out Kathy Barbaro’s “Art Projects for Kids”. I found a great idea on her website for “painting” with tissue paper, which […] ]]>
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