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K Portfolios — A Purple Crayon Adventure!

I’ve always loved books, so I love to start the school year off by read­ing an art-related story to each of my classes. My favorite “art story” for Kinder­garten is Harold and the Pur­ple Crayon by Crock­ett John­son. This clas­sic children’s tale was first pub­lished in 1955 and has been hugely pop­u­lar ever since. It […]

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Easy Mondrian

Dutch painter, Piet Mon­drian (1872–1944), was one of the most impor­tant artists of the 20th cen­tury. His abstract designs had a huge influ­ence on the graphic design, archi­tec­ture, and inte­rior design of his day. He was best known for his styl­ized, geo­met­ric designs of black and white grids filled with bright, pri­mary col­ors. Stu­dents are […]

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Happy 100th Day of School!

Last week our adorable Kinders cel­e­brated the “100th Day of School”. One of their many fun activ­i­ties was to draw self-portraits of them­selves today and in 100 years! As you can see, the results were charm­ing!! Even if your 100th Day of School has already passed, this is a fun project to do any­time! 1. […]

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Gung Hey Fat Choy!

Chi­nese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day this year! Chi­nese New Year is often cel­e­brated with a parade led by a long, col­or­ful dragon. My 1st graders drew a fun Chi­nese Dragon to ring in the “Year of the Tiger”! 1. Cut a piece of 12“x18” white con­struc­tion paper in half to mea­sure 6“x18”.2. Using pencil, […]

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Snowflake Crayon Resist

This fun les­son was inspired by a project I saw on Art Projects for Kids… “Water­color Resist Snowflakes”. I changed it up just a lit­tle for my Kinder­garten classes and they had a blast doing this! First we talked a bit about snowflakes and then I showed them some amaz­ing pho­tographs of real snowflakes (taken with […]

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Kindergarten Stars

Try these sim­ple instruc­tions to teach your kinders how to draw stars. As adults, we make these designs auto­mat­i­cally, almost with­out think­ing, but for a five year old draw­ing their very first star, it’s noth­ing short of mag­i­cal! Once it “clicks” for them, they will be draw­ing stars every­where! First talk about types of lines, […]

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Butterfly with Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist

Butterfly with Watercolor & Oil Pastel Resist

Fall is “but­ter­fly sea­son” for us who live on the Cal­i­for­nia Cen­tral Coast! This is the time when over 100,000 Monarch but­ter­flies migrate to our State Monarch Pre­serve from the val­ley regions west of the Rock­ies, mak­ing their tem­po­rary home here until spring. On sunny, warm days, they fly out of the euca­lyp­tus trees where […]

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