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"Dali Being Devious" by Hannah Rothstein

Illustrations with Surrealism

What bet­ter way to cel­e­brate April Fool’s Day than with an image of Sal­vadore Dali caught in the act of pulling a prank??! Sur­re­al­ism is a cul­tural, artis­tic, and lit­er­ary move­ment which began in the early 1920’s. Founded by French writer and poet Andre Bre­ton as a ‘rev­o­lu­tion­ary move­ment’, Sur­re­al­ism is prob­a­bly best known as a […]

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Computer Art ala Picasso!

There are so many ways to be cre­ative with a com­puter!  Here’s a site where you can click and drag to cre­ate your very own Picasso-like por­trait. This would be a fun activ­ity for stu­dents after learn­ing about the real Picasso!  Be sure to check out this site’s “gallery” to see the fun oth­ers have […]

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Words as Art — Wonderful Word Clouds!

Word clouds are fun to make for hol­i­days or any­time of year! This is a great project for home school­ers, or any class with access to com­put­ers. A word cloud is a ran­dom arrange­ment of words, in this case a pas­sage of writ­ing where com­mon words such as “and”, “the”, “if”, etc. are omit­ted and […]

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Screen Shots!

For those of you who enjoyed cre­at­ing Abstract Art using Mil­tos Mane­tas’ web­site (from yesterday’s post), there is a way to save your cre­ation, even though the web­site itself doesn’t give you a way to do that. You can take a pic­ture of all or part of your com­puter screen using “screen shots” or “screen […]

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What Is Art??

So what is Art, any­way?? Not to get all philo­soph­i­cal or any­thing, but you have to admit that’s a good ques­tion! If you ask 100 peo­ple, you’re likely to get 100 dif­fer­ent answers. I recently attended an exhibit at the Den­ver Art Museum titled, “What is Art?”. This ques­tion was posed to exhibit view­ers who […]

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