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Student gluing sections of star together

Christmas in July! Folded Paper Stars with Symmetry

These hang­ing stars are a hit year after year with my 4th graders. You can make these in any size you want.… the size of the squares you start with will deter­mine the size of your fin­ished stars. (When I teach this les­son, I use 12″ squares in two dif­fer­ent col­ors to demon­strate the fold­ing and gluing […]

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Sketch Books & Paint Set

Feed Your Creative Soul — with a Sketchbook!

Most art teach­ers I know strug­gle to find time for pur­su­ing their own art­work.… so if that’s you, you’re not alone! Sum­mer­time pro­vides a great oppor­tu­nity for teach­ers to do things they oth­er­wise set aside dur­ing the school year. But if we’re try­ing to teach our stu­dents how impor­tant art is, should we really be […]

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Berry Thumbprint People Cartoon

How Full Is Your Bucket?

The books that inspired this les­son have noth­ing to do with art, and the illus­tra­tions were not what attracted me! What I LOVE about these books is their mes­sage. And what bet­ter way to drive home a great mes­sage than with a fun art les­son??! Inspired by a bul­ly­ing episode at my school, I saw […]

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Student spraying water on her monochromatic snow scene

Monochromatic Snow Scene with Markers

Here’s an easy, win­tery snow scene, per­fect for those days when you need a les­son with­out much prep or clean-up. The week before Christ­mas break is that time for me! Mate­ri­als: 12 x 18 white con­struc­tion paper Cray­ola Wash­able Mark­ers (you only need the gray, red, and orange) Spray bot­tle filled with plain water Direc­tions: Use your gray […]

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Dense Text Lettering

My inspi­ra­tion for this project came from the won­der­ful book, Hand Let­ter­ing, by Marci Don­ley & DeAnn Singh.  The authors call this tech­nique “Writ­ing Between the Lines”, but I think “Dense Text” describes it bet­ter.  I tried it with my mid­dle school­ers and the results were fan­tas­tic!  You’ll find so many appli­ca­tions for this fun lettering […]

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Colorful Spiderwebs

I found this idea on Tunstall’s Teach­ing Tid­bits (thank you, Pin­ter­est!), and thought it would make a fun fall draw­ing les­son for my 1st graders.  I was sur­prised by how chal­leng­ing the web design was for many of them!  They drew the straight lines with no prob­lem at all, but the curvy lines were a dif­fer­ent story!  This […]

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Crayola Markers in plastic bags in a tub

Marker Set Storage

Cray­ola Mark­ers are my go-to prod­uct when I want a les­son with bright col­ors and easy clean-up.  Last year I exper­i­mented with Crayola’s “wash­able” mark­ers and now I’m sold on them!  Most wash­able prod­ucts don’t have the qual­ity I look for, but these are dif­fer­ent.  The col­ors are clean and bright, and my expe­ri­ence has […]

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