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Drawing circles with a light touch

Learning to “Draw with a Light Touch”

Jan­u­ary is the month for New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions.… for exam­in­ing our habits and think­ing about changes we should make. Kids hear adults talk­ing about this so it’s not a new idea to them. This means we can seize this oppor­tu­nity to talk with stu­dents about their own habits that may not be serv­ing them well and […]

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Sketch Books & Paint Set

Feed Your Creative Soul — with a Sketchbook!

Most art teach­ers I know strug­gle to find time for pur­su­ing their own art­work.… so if that’s you, you’re not alone! Sum­mer­time pro­vides a great oppor­tu­nity for teach­ers to do things they oth­er­wise set aside dur­ing the school year. But if we’re try­ing to teach our stu­dents how impor­tant art is, should we really be […]

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Make a Value Scale

Under­stand­ing value, or the use of light and dark,  is an impor­tant fac­tor in cre­at­ing suc­cess­ful draw­ings and paint­ings.  Cre­at­ing a “value scale” of their own was a great way for my mid­dle school stu­dents to get the feel for includ­ing the full range of val­ues before start­ing a major draw­ing project.  I cre­ated my […]

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Visual Texture

This activ­ity is great prac­tice for learn­ing to see val­ues (lights and darks) and dupli­cate them in your draw­ings. Younger stu­dents may only have the patience to do two or three of these, while older stu­dents may want to do sev­eral more. Make sure you use the same pen­cil and the same paper for both […]

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Duplication Exercise

Train your stu­dents to notice details and “see like artists” with this fun activ­ity! In her clas­sic draw­ing books, Draw­ing with Chil­dren and Draw­ing for Older Chil­dren and Teens, art teacher and author Mona Brookes offers an engag­ing way to prac­tice see­ing and draw­ing using her “Dupli­ca­tion Exer­cise”. This activ­ity is com­pletely adapt­able to any […]

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Touch” Contour Drawing

A work­shop par­tic­i­pant try­ing out the “touch” method of con­tour draw­ing In my last teacher work­shop, I showed how stu­dents can improve their draw­ing skills with dif­fer­ent types of con­tour draw­ing. In pre­vi­ous posts, I’ve talked about blind, mem­ory and guided con­tour draw­ing. Last, but not least, is “touch” con­tour draw­ing. This is another great […]

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More Contour Drawing — “Memory” and “Guided”

Guided” Con­tour Draw­ing by Austin, grade 5 In her book, Art for Kids: Draw­ing, artist and author Kathryn Tem­ple reminds us that, “The most impor­tant thing an artist can do is pay atten­tion.” It’s amaz­ing how most peo­ple go through life with­out really look­ing at the world around them. Con­tour draw­ing will help you break this […]

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