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Drawing circles with a light touch

Learning to “Draw with a Light Touch”

January is the month for New Year’s Resolutions…. for examining our habits and thinking about changes we should make. Kids hear adults talking about this so it’s not a new idea to them. This means we can seize this opportunity to talk with students about their own habits that may not be serving them well and […]

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Sketch Books & Paint Set

Feed Your Creative Soul – with a Sketchbook!

Most art teachers I know struggle to find time for pursuing their own artwork…. so if that’s you, you’re not alone! Summertime provides a great opportunity for teachers to do things they otherwise set aside during the school year. But if we’re trying to teach our students how important art is, should we really be […]

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Make a Value Scale

Understanding value, or the use of light and dark,  is an important factor in creating successful drawings and paintings.  Creating a “value scale” of their own was a great way for my middle school students to get the feel for including the full range of values before starting a major drawing project.  I created my […]

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Visual Texture

This activity is great practice for learning to see values (lights and darks) and duplicate them in your drawings. Younger students may only have the patience to do two or three of these, while older students may want to do several more. Make sure you use the same pencil and the same paper for both […]

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Duplication Exercise

Train your students to notice details and “see like artists” with this fun activity! In her classic drawing books, Drawing with Children and Drawing for Older Children and Teens, art teacher and author Mona Brookes offers an engaging way to practice seeing and drawing using her “Duplication Exercise”. This activity is completely adaptable to any […]

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“Touch” Contour Drawing

A workshop participant trying out the “touch” method of contour drawing In my last teacher workshop, I showed how students can improve their drawing skills with different types of contour drawing. In previous posts, I’ve talked about blind, memory and guided contour drawing. Last, but not least, is “touch” contour drawing. This is another great […]

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More Contour Drawing – “Memory” and “Guided”

“Guided” Contour Drawing by Austin, grade 5 In her book, Art for Kids: Drawing, artist and author Kathryn Temple reminds us that, “The most important thing an artist can do is pay attention.” It’s amazing how most people go through life without really looking at the world around them. Contour drawing will help you break […]

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