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"Wisdom" auction project collage on Canvas

Classroom Auction Projects

School auc­tions are pop­ping up every­where, and class­room auc­tion projects are an ideal way to get stu­dents involved! With all the fund­ing cuts in edu­ca­tion these days, pro­grams like art and music are forced to com­pete for an increas­ingly small share of their school’s bud­get.… if they make it into the bud­get at all. In many schools, […]

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Hand Print Art for Pre-K and Kindergarten

I don’t usu­ally post project ideas for Pre-K, since I teach K — 6 (so most of my ideas and resources are for those grades). Spe­cial thanks to Denise Har­rell, the coor­di­na­tor for Young Children’s World in Abi­lene, Texas, who sub­mit­ted these ideas. She used these projects for a Kids Kreations fundraiser and wanted to […]

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More Quilts!

Just for fun, I thought I would post a few more pic­tures of the quilts we made using Kid­sKreations for the print­ing of the kids’ art­work. These quilts were amaz­ing, and unfor­tu­nately these shots don’t really do them jus­tice. I wish I had taken bet­ter pic­tures of them, but at the time I didn’t know […]

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Creative Art Quilts

Home­made quilts are another great fund rais­ing idea that you can do with Kid­sKreations! What makes these quilts so charm­ing and unique is that they are made using kids’ art­work! I did this with each of my K-6 Art classes and we auc­tioned them off at our Spring Open House & Art Show. Our quilts […]

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