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Prevent Summer Learning Loss with a 'Retro' Flash Card Flipper!

Prevent Summer Learning Loss with a ‘Retro’ Flash Card Flipper

‘Summer Learning Loss’, or ‘Summer Slide’ as it’s also known, is not just an issue for ‘at risk’ students. All students need to practice their academic skills to keep from falling behind over summer vacation. The year I taught 2nd grade I experienced firsthand how much students can forget over the summer. We wasted much valuable […]

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Beachball designed for "Elements of Art Scavenger Hunt" for Grades 1 & 2

Beachball Scavenger Hunt with the Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Helping kids learn the Elements of Art & Principles of Design is easy when you make a game of it! This activity is adaptable across a wide range of ages… I’ve used it from 1st grade through high school by customizing my questions or directives for the students I’m using it with. Whether you have just a few […]

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Sketch Books & Paint Set

Feed Your Creative Soul – with a Sketchbook!

Most art teachers I know struggle to find time for pursuing their own artwork…. so if that’s you, you’re not alone! Summertime provides a great opportunity for teachers to do things they otherwise set aside during the school year. But if we’re trying to teach our students how important art is, should we really be […]

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My Pinterest Board for Sub Plans

Emergency Sub Plans

Most schools require their teachers to keep a folder of sub plans in their classroom, which is great for that occasional illness or emergency that causes you to be away from school for a few days.  But where do you turn when life really gets in the way and your absence extends beyond the contents […]

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“Elements of Art” Memory Game

I’m always on the look-out for creative, new ways to teach my students the “Elements of Art and Principles of Design”.  Recently, I attended a bridal shower where we played a memory game…. the “put-a-bunch-of kitchen-stuff-on-a-tray-and-give-each-table-group-a-minute-to-stare-at-it-and-see-how-much-they-can-remember” game.  I was struck by how absolutely silent this room full of chatty women became when it was time to […]

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SmARTkids Fine Art Site

SmARTkids is a fine art site created for kids ages 7-12 by the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago.  This is a great site for kids and parents to investigate together, or for just turning kids loose to explore and play.  Through structured and open-ended activities, kids can look at, think about, […]

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Animated Art “Books” for Kids

Here’s a fun site I just discovered for those of you with lower elementary age students… Mighty offers animated books for early readers with a variety of themes.  Visit the page titled, “Art & Music” for slide shows of paintings by Van Gogh, Renoir or Remington set to the music of great composers, or […]

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