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Sketch Books & Paint Set

Feed Your Creative Soul — with a Sketchbook!

Most art teach­ers I know strug­gle to find time for pur­su­ing their own art­work.… so if that’s you, you’re not alone! Sum­mer­time pro­vides a great oppor­tu­nity for teach­ers to do things they oth­er­wise set aside dur­ing the school year. But if we’re try­ing to teach our stu­dents how impor­tant art is, should we really be […]

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My Pinterest Board for Sub Plans

Emergency Sub Plans

Most schools require their teach­ers to keep a folder of sub plans in their class­room, which is great for that occa­sional ill­ness or emer­gency that causes you to be away from school for a few days.  But where do you turn when life really gets in the way and your absence extends beyond the contents […]

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Elements of Art” Memory Game

I’m always on the look-out for cre­ative, new ways to teach my stu­dents the “Ele­ments of Art and Prin­ci­ples of Design”.  Recently, I attended a bridal shower where we played a mem­ory game.… the “put-a-bunch-of kitchen-stuff-on-a-tray-and-give-each-table-group-a-minute-to-stare-at-it-and-see-how-much-they-can-remember” game.  I was struck by how absolutely silent this room full of chatty women became when it was time to […]

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SmARTkids Fine Art Site

SmARTkids is a fine art site cre­ated for kids ages 7–12 by the Smart Museum of Art at the Uni­ver­sity of Chicago.  This is a great site for kids and par­ents to inves­ti­gate together, or for just turn­ing kids loose to explore and play.  Through struc­tured and open-ended activ­i­ties, kids can look at, think about, […]

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Animated Art “Books” for Kids

Here’s a fun site I just dis­cov­ered for those of you with lower ele­men­tary age stu­dents… Mighty offers ani­mated books for early read­ers with a vari­ety of themes.  Visit the page titled, “Art & Music” for slide shows of paint­ings by Van Gogh, Renoir or Rem­ing­ton set to the music of great com­posers, or […]

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Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture Inspiration

Fire­works of Glass” is the largest per­ma­nent sculp­ture of blown glass by renowned glass artist Dale Chi­huly. This 43-foot tower mes­mer­izes chil­dren and adults alike at The Children’s Museum of Indi­anapo­lis. If you’re curi­ous about the art of glass blow­ing and how it’s done, visit “Fire­works of Glass” at the Children’s Museum of Indi­anapo­lis web­site, where there are all kinds […]

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Computer Art ala Picasso!

There are so many ways to be cre­ative with a com­puter!  Here’s a site where you can click and drag to cre­ate your very own Picasso-like por­trait. This would be a fun activ­ity for stu­dents after learn­ing about the real Picasso!  Be sure to check out this site’s “gallery” to see the fun oth­ers have […]

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