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All You Really Need for Teaching Art to Kids…

Here are my basic supplies for teaching kids’ art…. most of my lessons use just these simple materials. Pictured above are the items that I use about 90% of the time, so I try to make sure I always have a good supply on hand. (FYI – I normally use the “Sargent” brand of colored […]

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Animal Sculpture with Air-Dry Clay

Kids LOVE using clay, maybe more than any other art medium, yet most schools and homes do not have a kiln for firing. If this is your situation, don’t let this stop you from sharing the experience of working with clay with your students! Crayola Air Dry Clay is a good alternative to the traditional […]

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YES! Paste / BEST! Paste

If you work with kids and don’t already know about YES! Paste, you need to. YES! Paste puts your traditional glue stick to shame. How many times have you used a glue stick to attach something, only to have it pop off a few days later?? Or maybe you’ve tried mounting art with a glue […]

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Art Demo ~ Crayola Model Magic

Here are a few scary (and sadly, out of focus!) monsters from a product demo I did yesterday for Crayola, using their Model Magic modeling material. These imaginative creatures were created by an 8 year old boy who couldn’t get enough of this stuff! Before being asked to teach this demo, I always thought Model […]

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My Favorite Eraser Ever

It may seem like a small thing (and in terms of actual size, it is!) but every artist needs a good eraser and not all erasers are created equal! My personal favorite is the Sanford Magic Rub eraser. This vinyl eraser is non-abrasive so it won’t tear or lift the surface of the paper no […]

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Tricks of the Trade – Wet Wipes!

Time in the classroom is valuable, so if you can spend less time on set-up and get your students working sooner, that’s a good thing! Wet wipes can help you accomplish this. Making art can be messy, so you will often find yourself trying to protect your desks and other work surfaces. Covering desks with […]

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