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Crazy Crowns

Our first graders became royalty today with these “Crazy Crowns”, in honor of the Queens’ “Diamond Jubilee” …. the 60th Anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Materials: pictures (I searched Google images) of the Queen and her crown 3″x24″ white construction paper markers  1″x18″ strips of red, yellow, blue and purple construction paper, 2 per color  YES! Paste […]

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Gung Hey Fat Choy! Chinese New Year Dragons

Chinese New Year is right around the corner!  Monday, January 23, 2012 will mark the start of the “Year of the Dragon”, year 4709 on the Chinese calendar, where each year is designated by one of 12 animals.  I thought a dragon project would be fun for my first graders as we usher out the […]

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Candy Cane-O-Grams

Special thanks to Erica for being my “hand model” on this project!This “Candy Cane-O-Gram” is a favorite holiday project year after year. It may look like an ordinary paper candy cane, but it contains a special hidden message for it’s recipient! Once kids make their first one, they’ll be “hooked”! 1. Use a ruler to […]

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Chilean Rain Sticks

This project requires a bit more prep than most, but it’s not difficult and so worth the extra time it takes! Your students will LOVE creating these colorful, authentic sounding rain sticks! Be sure to show students where Chile is located on a map or globe, and talk about its unique geography and weather! Chile […]

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Mexican Paper Marigolds for “Day of the Dead”

“Day of the Dead” is a traditional Mexican holiday for honoring ancestors and loved ones who have died, and is celebrated each year on November 1st & 2nd. This festive, family-centered holiday celebrates the cycle of life and highlights the Mexican peoples’ general acceptance, rather than fear, of death. Colorful marigolds are a regular feature […]

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The Marshmallow Challenge

I love to end our school year with a fun activity that my students will remember. This year, I discovered The Marshmallow Challenge while watching a TED Talk and I couldn’t wait to try it! This activity encourages creativity, problem solving and teamwork…. skills that are essential for becoming an innovator in today’s rapidly changing […]

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“3D” Flower Collage

My 2nd graders used these whimsical flowers for their Mother’s Day cards this year, but you could also make a colorful garden picture while teaching the concepts of symmetry and layering. Attaching the blossoms with layers of double stick foam tape gives a fun 3D effect that unfortunately doesn’t show up well in this picture! […]

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