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Recycled Assemblage Sculptures Inspired by Louis Nevelson

Recycled Assemblage Sculptures Inspired by Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevel­son (1899–1988) was one of the most impor­tant sculp­tors of the 20th cen­tury. Born in Rus­sia, she emi­grated with her fam­ily to the United States in 1905. Her unique artis­tic style was influ­enced by the cubist move­ment, co-founded by Pablo Picasso, and the found object sculp­tures of Mar­cel Duchamp. Call­ing her­self “the orig­i­nal recy­cler”, Nevel­son is most […]

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Quilled Butterfly

Quilled Paper Designs

  Quilling, also known as paper fil­i­gree, is an art form that involves rolling and glu­ing thin strips of paper into var­i­ous shapes and arrang­ing them to form designs. Quilled paper designs can be very sim­ple or as com­plex as you have the dex­ter­ity and patience for! The art of quilling dates back to the Renais­sance when French […]

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102 year old woman painting!

Volunteering as an Art Educator

Oppor­tu­ni­ties abound for vol­un­teer­ing as an Art Edu­ca­tor! If you’ve got a lit­tle extra free time this sum­mer, why not take advan­tage of this chance to share your exper­tise with oth­ers in your com­mu­nity? This sum­mer, I’m teach­ing Art classes for the elderly res­i­dents at a local retire­ment home.… a com­pletely new expe­ri­ence for me! […]

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Collage 2 w/Positive and Negative Shapes

Basic Collage with Positive and Negative Shapes

I do this project with my first graders every year to help them under­stand the con­cept of pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive shapes.  This project also teaches sym­me­try and offers impor­tant prac­tice in cut­ting on a fold and apply­ing glue.  First graders are often sur­prised by the shapes they see when they unfold their papers — they […]

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Pencil tracing of a shadow on paper on the grass

Shadow Tracing

Shadow trac­ing is a great way to get out­side on a bright sunny day, explore pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive space, and have some fun with color at the same time.  Shadow trac­ing is low stress for stu­dents (2nd grade and up) and has min­i­mal prep for teach­ers. Stu­dents can usu­ally fin­ish one of these paint­ings in […]

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Line Designs with Shading

I’m not really sure what to call these draw­ings, but my stu­dents love them!  I found this project on Art with Mr. E. (and added to his instruc­tions just a bit) to use with my 4th & 5th graders for some end-of-the-year fun!!     With this project, you can teach that shad­ing and care­ful use […]

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Memorial Day Flag Designs

Here’s a great les­son for Memo­r­ial Day… I did this with my 1st graders, but any age could have fun with it.  Easy to prep, no clean up, every­one was suc­cess­ful, and the kids LOVED it… you can’t beat that! Mate­ri­als: 9x12 white paper Black “F” Sharpie Red and blue mark­ers Direc­tions:1. Dis­cuss the Amer­i­can flag and […]

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