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Make a Leaf Collage inspired by 'Look What I Did with a Leaf' by Morteza E. Sohi

Make a Leaf Collage

Now that summer’s here, how do you keep your kids learn­ing, cre­at­ing, and spend­ing more time out­doors than in front of a screen? One way is with this inspir­ing lit­tle book, “Look What I Did with a Leaf!” by Morteza E. Sohi. This is not so much a read-aloud type of book that you would share […]

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"Dali Being Devious" by Hannah Rothstein

Illustrations with Surrealism

What bet­ter way to cel­e­brate April Fool’s Day than with an image of Sal­vadore Dali caught in the act of pulling a prank??! Sur­re­al­ism is a cul­tural, artis­tic, and lit­er­ary move­ment which began in the early 1920’s. Founded by French writer and poet Andre Bre­ton as a ‘rev­o­lu­tion­ary move­ment’, Sur­re­al­ism is prob­a­bly best known as a […]

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Oil Pastel Houses Inspired by Marc Chagall

Stu­dents enjoy cre­at­ing these quirky street-scapes inspired by Russ­ian artist, Marc Cha­gall.  There’s just some­thing really fun about crooked build­ings and ran­dom things fly­ing through the air! Mate­ri­als: 12x18 black con­struc­tion paper #2 Pen­cil with pink eraser (the eraser is handy for “sketch­ing” your lay­out!) Oil Pas­tels “Wet wipes” for clean up Exam­ples of the paint­ings of Marc […]

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Kindergarten Rorschach Prints

  This is one of my favorite Kinder­garten lessons, based on the famous Rorschach Ink Blot Test.  The process of mak­ing these prints seems almost mag­i­cal to a five year old who’s doing this for the first time. It com­bines col­or­ful paint with the ele­ment of sur­prise and plenty of imag­i­na­tion… what’s not to love […]

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Popcorn Drawing — Observation & Imagination

Have you ever looked at a cloud and seen an ani­mal or some other ran­dom image?  Most every­one has used their imag­i­na­tion to “find” things in clouds, and pop­corn offers this same cre­ative expe­ri­ence!  This is a great les­son for 5th grade and up.  Make sure you cre­ate a sam­ple to illus­trate the steps… a […]

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

 Yes­ter­day (March 2nd) we cel­e­brated a very spe­cial birth­day in our Kinder­garten classes.… that of beloved children’s author/illustrator, Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka “Dr. Seuss”.  In his life­time, Dr. Seuss pub­lished over 40 children’s books which have inspired both read­ing and imag­i­na­tion for gen­er­a­tions of chil­dren.  His birth­day has fit­tingly been adopted as the date for […]

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Gung Hey Fat Choy!

Chi­nese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day this year! Chi­nese New Year is often cel­e­brated with a parade led by a long, col­or­ful dragon. My 1st graders drew a fun Chi­nese Dragon to ring in the “Year of the Tiger”! 1. Cut a piece of 12“x18” white con­struc­tion paper in half to mea­sure 6“x18”.2. Using pencil, […]

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