Colorful Spiderwebs

Colorful Spiderweb designI found this idea on Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits (thank you, Pinterest!), and thought it would make a fun fall drawing lesson for my 1st graders.  I was surprised by how challenging the web design was for many of them!  They drew the straight lines with no problem at all, but the curvy lines were a different story!  This was challenging but still age-appropriate…. and once it “clicked” for them, they loved it!  I have a feeling some parents will be finding lots of spiderwebs around the house in the days ahead!  Add a spider for authenticity!

Colorful Spiderweb with Spider


  • 12×12 white construction paper
  • colorful markers

Optional – to add a spider:

  • 6×6 black construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • 8 tiny jiggle eyes


  1. With a black marker, make the “framework” for your spiderweb:  First, draw a vertical line down the middle, and then a horizontal line crossing it in the middle.  Next, draw two diagonal lines from corner to corner.  (For some students, it’s easier to draw from the center out to the corners… you can let them decide what works best!)
  2. Now, add the “webbing” by drawing a slightly curved line that joins each section.  (This was the tricky part for my students! They kept wanting to make their lines curving out, like flower petals rather than curving in toward the center.  I tried reminding them to make “valleys”, not “mountains”.  I also tried sketching the lines with the eraser on the end of my pencil so they could trace over my eraser lines until they got the hang of it.)Black & white spiderweb
  3. Next, choose two contrasting colors that you like together.  Begin in one of the center sections and color every other section with your first color.  Then color the in-between sections with your second color.
  4. Move out to the next row, and color with an alternating pattern, so that the same colors only touch in the corners.

Optional spider:

  1. Cut four skinny strips (about 1/4″ wide) from one edge of your 6×6 black paper.  Cut them in half and set aside.  These will be your spider’s legs.
  2. On the remaining paper, draw a circle about the size of a quarter, and a larger oval overlapping it. This will be your spider’s head and body.
  3. Cut this out and apply glue around the edge of the body.  Stick four legs on each side.
  4. Turn over and apply a layer of glue all over the circle (head).
  5. Now place 8 tiny jiggle eyes onto the head.
  6. You can glue your spider onto its web, or simply stick it on with a tape roll so you can move it around!

Green and yellow spiderweb with spider

Orange and gray spiderweb with spiderOrange and pink spiderweb with spider

 I’m not normally a fan of spiders, but I have to admit, these are adorable!!




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4 Responses to Colorful Spiderwebs

  1. lauralee November 6, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    This is just developmentally hard for 6 year olds. Try it with your third graders and you’ll have lots more success!

  2. Cheryl Trowbridge November 6, 2012 at 6:14 pm #

    Thanks for your comment, Lauralee! I agree this was challenging for my 1st graders, but they really enjoyed it and learned a lot in the process! My 3rd graders would have been bored with it. 2nd grade might be the target age group for this project since it comes up so early in the year.
    Cheryl Trowbridge recently posted..Colorful SpiderwebsMy Profile

    • minor May 27, 2015 at 9:56 am #

      I realy injoyed it and im older than 2nd grade ;p