Crayola – More than Just Coloring!

“Very Voracious Animal Voices” from

Here’s another great website I discovered with Art ideas for kids…. Don’t be misled (as I almost was!) by the name. Crayola is more than just crayons!! Just follow the link to the Crayola home page, then click on the link “For Educators” on the left. From there go to “Resources” and then “Lesson Plans” to find hundreds of hands-on, standards-based lesson plan ideas. These lessons are designed to creatively integrate the arts into your daily curriculum. You can search ideas by grade, subject, theme, or medium. For example, I searched “animals” and came up with 149 lesson plans! You can scroll over the title of each lesson to see a photo of the finished project. You’ll also find helpful tips from working with a variety of art materials to hanging bulletin boards. As a bonus, the lessons found here all connect with other areas of the curriculum and encourage standards-based teaching. Bookmark this site and you’ll be returning to it often!

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