Drawing Fish with Lines and Shapes

In Kinder­garten this year, we’ve been focus­ing on draw­ing the world around us using lines and shapes.
This col­or­ful fish was drawn by Gabe.

For this project, we first read a story about dif­fer­ent kinds of fish, and talked about the shapes, lines, and pat­terns we saw in each one.… lots of ovals, tri­an­gles, cir­cles and rec­tan­gles, and lines of all kinds: straight, zig zag, curvy, ver­ti­cal, hor­i­zon­tal and diag­o­nal. Next, I demon­strated how we could com­bine these shapes, lines, and pat­terns in dif­fer­ent ways to draw any kind of fish we wanted. I dis­played exam­ples of a vari­ety of fish to inspire us, and the kids came up with some won­der­ful fish of their own, as you will see!

1. Choose one oil pas­tel to draw a large “fish shape”, fill­ing most of your paper.
2. Use more shapes to add fins and a tail.
3. Now, color your fish, fill­ing in as com­pletely as you can. (Play “Hide the White Paper”!)

4. Next, use a dark color to draw either ver­ti­cal or hor­i­zon­tal lines (or both!), and fill in each of the new sec­tions you cre­ated with a dif­fer­ent fun pat­tern.
5. Finally, color the water using the side of an oil pas­tel, with the paper removed. Layer dif­fer­ent shades of blue — you can even add some green here and there to make your water more inter­est­ing! (Using the side of the oil pas­tel when fill­ing in a large area really helps the kinders to com­plete their backgrounds.)

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2 Responses to Drawing Fish with Lines and Shapes

  1. Apples Love Oranges November 26, 2009 at 11:08 am #

    What book did you read for this project?

  2. TeachKidsArt November 26, 2009 at 10:14 pm #

    It was just a book I found at the library that had ran­dom facts about fish with a great illus­tra­tion of a dif­fer­ent kind of fish on each page… per­fect for the atten­tion span of K’s. Sorry I didn’t make note of the title before I returned it, but I’m sure there are lots of good books that would suit that purpose!

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