Easy Borders — Without Measuring!

Cre­at­ing a bor­der with­out using a ruler

Using rulers is an impor­tant skill for kids to develop, but it can add a lot of time (and some­times frus­tra­tion) to an Art les­son. Some­times it’s best to do a sep­a­rate les­son on using rulers and find ways to avoid them dur­ing Art time!

In my last teacher work­shop, I shared an easy way to cre­ate a bor­der with­out hav­ing to use a ruler. Here’s the key.… your paper needs to be pro­por­tioned to a 3:4 ratio. In other words, if you are work­ing on a 9x12 size paper, the 9″ side is 3/4 of the 12″ side, so that size paper works per­fectly for this tech­nique! All you do is take another piece of paper of the same size and fold it in half, then cen­ter the folded paper on the other paper and trace around it. That’s it! No mea­sur­ing, just eye­ball it and that’s close enough!

This is a great way to add a dec­o­ra­tive bor­der around any draw­ing or paint­ing. I often use the 12x18 size paper, so in order to make this work I trim both papers to 12x16 (there’s the 3:4 ratio again), then fold one in half and cen­ter it on the other. This tech­nique not only saves your stu­dents a lot of time, but it usu­ally saves lots of eras­ing, too!


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  1. tara pollard pakosta May 14, 2009 at 9:03 am #


    I wanted to say THANK YOU for such an awe­some blog! I plan to do tons of these are projects with my 2 daugh­ters this sum­mer!!!
    Keep the ideas com­ing!
    Tara Pakosta

  2. Hope Chella September 28, 2009 at 4:31 pm #


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