Hand-Made Envelopes

Kids love to make hand-made greet­ing cards for hol­i­days, but most of these cards don’t fit into con­ven­tional envelopes. Here is an easy way to make your own envelopes, and even add a liner to make them extra-special!

To Make an Envelope:

1. Lay your card diag­o­nally on a square of paper that is a lit­tle larger than your card on each side. (If you make your card from an 8 1/2” x 11” or 9” x 12” paper folded in half, then a 12” x 12” square will work per­fectly for the envelope.)

2. Fold each side up over the card, begin­ning with one of the shorter sides and end­ing with one of the longer sides. If you lightly “score” your enve­lope (with your fin­ger­nail or a paper clip) along the edges of the card it will make it eas­ier to fold.

3. Remove the card and unfold your enve­lope. Cut away the tri­an­gles where the fold lines cross. You can round all the cor­ners with scis­sors if you want.

4. Now fold the bot­tom up and glue the sides to it.

5. To fin­ish, put your card back inside and glue the top down or seal it closed with a sticker.

To Make a Liner for your Envelope:

1. Mea­sure the width of your enve­lope, and sub­tract 1/4 inch. For the length, open up the flap of the enve­lope, and mea­sure from the bot­tom edge to about ¾” below the point. Cut your lin­ing paper to this size. (To line an enve­lope for a 6”x9” card, cut your liner paper to 8 ¾” x 10 ¼”.)

2. Next, slide the lin­ing paper into the enve­lope, and fold the cor­ners down about ¾” below the edge of your flap, to allow room for glu­ing. Crease well. Remove the lin­ing paper and cut along the fold lines.

3. Insert the liner into your enve­lope, and fold it down along the flap fold. Place a piece of scrap paper between the liner flap and the body of the enve­lope to pro­tect the enve­lope from glue. Finally, glue the back of the liner to the inside of the enve­lope flap.

4. Fold the enve­lope flap over the liner, and rub well. Lift flap and remove the scrap paper.

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3 Responses to Hand-Made Envelopes

  1. natty241 February 13, 2010 at 7:12 am #

    I love this idea. I bet the kids love tak­ing their cards home in the lit­tle envelopes. what kind of paper did you use?

  2. TeachKidsArt February 13, 2010 at 12:41 pm #

    You can use any kind of paper! For these sam­ples I used con­struc­tion paper and brown kraft paper. You can really have fun with the lin­ers, using Japan­ese rice paper or any of the zil­lions of fun scrap­book­ing papers out there!

  3. K-Sue February 16, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    This is such a help­ful tuto­r­ial. Now I want to make a bunch of envelopes. A BUNCH. Thank you!

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