Hide-a-Heart” Valentines

This les­son is adapted from Karen Card, my children’s mid­dle school Art teacher. You can do this ver­sa­tile project with any grade level, scal­ing it up or down as needed. It’s fun to give kids a lit­tle struc­ture and a lot of free­dom to be cre­ative.… then watch as all the great ideas start flow­ing out!

1. Talk about how the ele­ments in a design can be obvi­ous or more sub­tle. Explain that we’re going for in this project is “sub­tle”!
2. Brain­storm the many things you could draw using a heart hid­den some­where within them, draw­ing exam­ples on the board as you go. Some pos­si­bil­i­ties include: flow­ers with heart-shaped petals and leaves, a but­ter­fly with heart-shaped anten­nae or wings, a puppy with a heart-shaped nose and ears, heart-shaped clouds or a heart-shaped sun set­ting behind a hill, a tree with heart-shaped leaves, a fish with heart-shaped lips blow­ing heart-shaped bub­bles.… you get the idea!
3. Draw a scene using as many “hid­den hearts” as you can. You may draw with pen­cil and trace your lines with a black Sharpie or just go for it and draw directly with Sharpie.
4. Then color with mark­ers.
5. Finally, use red “glit­ter glue” to paint over only the hearts in your pic­ture. So charm­ing!!

These “hide-a-heart” cards were made by my very imag­i­na­tive 1st graders! We lined our cards with red paper (just a lit­tle larger than the white paper) to cre­ate a con­trast­ing bor­der around the art.

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2 Responses to Hide-a-Heart” Valentines

  1. Heleen February 7, 2010 at 11:40 am #

    I love the draw­ings! It’s a great idea! I’ll try it at school tomorrow!

  2. Kate Eshelman February 11, 2010 at 6:24 am #

    I agree, I love this idea! It is always inter­est­ing to see the results after teach­ing the stu­dents the art of subtlety :)

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