My Good Shepherd

Paint­ing by Syd­ney, grade 1 When I taught Art at a pri­vate Chris­t­ian School, I would do this les­son every year just before Easter with my first graders. This is one of those projects where the results are totally charm­ing and every­one feels suc­cess­ful.… and the par­ents love them!! The idea for these adorable water­color sheep came […]

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Abstract Scatch Art

This project was inspired by Swiss artist Paul Klee. Paul Klee (1879–1940) was an abstract artist known for his highly indi­vid­ual style, which was influ­enced by many dif­fer­ent art move­ments, includ­ing Expres­sion­ism, Cubism and Sur­re­al­ism. Ran­dom col­ors in the back­ground appear as your design is scratched out, offer­ing a fun sur­prise whether you cre­ate a […]

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Watercolor Fish with Pointillism

Last weekend’s teacher work­shop at Palace Art and Office Sup­ply was a huge suc­cess! It’s encour­ag­ing to know that so many teach­ers are eager to expand their art skills so they can share the ben­e­fits of Art with their stu­dents! For this work­shop we focused on water­color, so I thought I would share a few […]

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Monet’s Ice Cream Sundae Party

1st Grade Ice Cream Sun­dae…don’t you just love kids’ art??! This is a FUN les­son in color mix­ing and mix­ing tints (a tint is any color plus white). I got this out of an old School Arts Mag­a­zine years ago and just sim­pli­fied it a lit­tle. It’s a great oppor­tu­nity to talk to kids about Impressionist […]

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Art Show — Lessons Learned

5th Grade Oil Pas­tel Paint­ings inspired by Marc Cha­gall I’m a “learn by doing” kind of per­son. And usu­ally that means learn­ing from my mis­takes (i.e.what not to do!). But last week I had the rare priv­i­lege of learn­ing from some­thing that I unin­ten­tion­ally did right!! Every Spring we hang an Art Show that coin­cides with […]

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Teacher Workshops

One of the fun projects we’ll be doing at my “Water­color Work­shop for Teach­ers”! If you’re read­ing this blog, you prob­a­bly agree that KIDS NEED ART!!! As more and more schools elim­i­nate their Art pro­grams due to bud­get cuts, we need to get cre­ative in find­ing ways to keep Art in the school day. To […]

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Negative Space Tree Drawings

6th Grade Draw­ings of the Trees in our Park­ing Lot! If you hurry, you can still fit this project in before the trees start sprout­ing leaves and you have to wait til fall!Kids love any excuse to get out of the class­room, so if you can, go out­side and have them do the first part of […]

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