Pink Gold — Sketching with Erasers!

Did you know that the sim­ple pink eraser at the tip of your #2 pen­cil is worth it’s weight in gold?? (Or maybe even more, since erasers don’t weigh much!) Well, it is and here’s why.… I don’t use these erasers for eras­ing (I save that for my trusty “Magic Rub”), I use them for […]

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Read Your Labels!

While it’s always a good idea to be safe about the prod­ucts we use as con­sumers, it’s even more impor­tant when kids are involved. And in schools, this is not an option.… non-toxic is the only way to go! To ensure the qual­ity and safety of the art mate­ri­als your stu­dents use, be sure the […]

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Scissor Tips

Using scis­sors is a skill that we adults have been com­fort­able with for so long that we for­get how tricky this can be for small hands! By teach­ing kids a few basic rules for work­ing with scis­sors, we can help them gain the skills to be both effec­tive and safe when using this impor­tant tool! 1. […]

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Art Speak 101

Tem­pera paint, col­ored pen­cils and mark­ers are exam­ples of art “media”. Do you ever feel con­fused (or maybe even intim­i­dated?) by some of the lingo used in the Art world?? We do have some terms that are spe­cific to our indus­try and could be unfa­mil­iar to some­one with­out a back­ground in Art. I’ll try to […]

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Artists in 60 Seconds

Claude Monet (French, 1840–1926). Shad­ows on the Sea, the Cliffs at Pourville, 1882. No, this isn’t about how to turn your stu­dents into artists in just one minute, but rather how to get one minute’s worth of infor­ma­tion about an already well-known artist! Some­times all you need is a quick sum­mary of an artist’s life […]

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Don’t Toss Those Old Calendars!

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to get the word out to your friends, co-workers and par­ents of your stu­dents to bring you their old cal­en­dars! There are two types of cal­en­dars that I save.… fine art cal­en­dars (like the Van Gogh pic­tured here) and scenic pho­tog­ra­phy cal­en­dars. Both are use­ful, yet […]

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How Van Gogh Made His Mark — Explore and Learn!

The Court­yard of the Hos­pi­tal in Arles, First Week of May 1889by Vin­cent Van Gogh If you are a fan of Vin­cent Van Gogh, you must visit this won­der­ful, inter­ac­tive web­site for kids by the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Museum of Art, called “Explore and Learn” . Here kids can learn about the life of post-impressionist artist Vin­cent Van […]

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