More Contour Drawing — “Memory” and “Guided”

+-*“Guided” Con­tour Draw­ing by Austin, grade 5 In her book, Art for Kids: Draw­ing, artist and author Kathryn Tem­ple reminds us that, “The most impor­tant thing an artist can do is pay atten­tion.” It’s amaz­ing how most peo­ple go through life with­out really look­ing at the world around them. Con­tour draw­ing will help you break this […]

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Teacher Workshop — Contour Drawing!

+-*“Blind Con­tour Draw­ing” of a stu­dent in my work­shop! I love this quote by Kathryn Tem­ple, author of Art for Kids: Draw­ing.… “Draw­ing has more to do with see­ing than it does with hold­ing a pen­cil in your hand.” So true!! In my teacher work­shop last week­end (“Teach­ing Draw­ing to Kids”) we focused on how […]

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Personalized Self-Portraits

+-*Third grade self-portrait by Zachary Use the inspi­ra­tion of artist Frida Kahlo to have your stu­dents add a per­son­al­ized touch to their self-portraits. Frida Kahlo is known for her pro­lific paint­ing career.… paint­ings mostly of her­self! She often used sym­bol­ism in her paint­ings as a “win­dow to her soul”. I like to have stu­dents add […]

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Easy Borders — Without Measuring!

+-*Cre­at­ing a bor­der with­out using a ruler Using rulers is an impor­tant skill for kids to develop, but it can add a lot of time (and some­times frus­tra­tion) to an Art les­son. Some­times it’s best to do a sep­a­rate les­son on using rulers and find ways to avoid them dur­ing Art time! In my last teacher workshop, […]

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Self-Portrait Workshop — Paul Klee

+-*Here is a sam­pling of self-portraits inspired by artist Paul Klee (includ­ing one in progress) from my last teacher work­shop. Paul Klee (1879–1940) was a Swiss artist known for his highly indi­vid­ual, abstract style. His work was influ­enced by many dif­fer­ent art move­ments, includ­ing Expres­sion­ism, Cubism and Sur­re­al­ism. This project uses squares of “bleed­ing tissue” […]

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Teacher Workshop: Self-Portraits!

+-*I just fin­ished the 4th work­shop in my “Teach­ing Teach­ers to Teach Art” series. This work­shop focused on teach­ing Self-Portraits and we had a blast! We learned the basic “rules” for draw­ing por­traits (see below) and did three self-portrait projects inspired by famous artists Paul Klee, Frida Kahlo and Amedeo Modigliani. I’ll be shar­ing those […]

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Create Your Own Color Wheel

+-*Noth­ing teaches you as much about color mix­ing as cre­at­ing your own color wheel! Here’s some help­ful vocab­u­lary and direc­tions for cre­at­ing a color wheel of your own: Pri­mary col­ors — red, yel­low and blue (col­ors that can­not be cre­ated by mix­ing other col­ors) Sec­ondary col­ors — orange, green and vio­let (col­ors that are cre­ated by […]

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