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smarthistory.org – bookmark this site!

While browsing TIME Magazine’s “50 Best Websites of 2011”, I came across a great resource for anyone interested in the history of art…. “smarthistory.org”.  This site describes itself as a “not for profit, multimedia art history textbook”, but it’s so much more than that!  Rather than presenting names and dates in a dry, lecture format, […]

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How Van Gogh Made His Mark – Explore and Learn!

The Courtyard of the Hospital in Arles, First Week of May 1889by Vincent Van Gogh If you are a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, you must visit this wonderful, interactive website for kids by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, called “Explore and Learn” . Here kids can learn about the life of post-impressionist artist Vincent […]

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Crayola – More than Just Coloring!

“Very Voracious Animal Voices” from Crayola.com Here’s another great website I discovered with Art ideas for kids…. crayola.com. Don’t be misled (as I almost was!) by the name. Crayola is more than just crayons!! Just follow the link to the Crayola home page, then click on the link “For Educators” on the left. From there […]

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Art Attack!

“3D Picasso Faces” from “Art Attack” Got some time off over the holidays? What a great opportunity to check out some kids’ art websites and get inspired with new ideas! Here’s a website that I found recently called “Art Attack”, from the creators of the award winning international television art show for children, produced in […]

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Answers to (almost) All Your Art Questions

When I discover something new that I’m really excited about, I have to share it! One of my favorite websites is About.com. I’ve already blogged about their Art History site, but I’ve since discovered two more Art-related sites that they offer…. About.com:Painting and About.com:Drawing/Sketching. If you have any interest in Art at all (and you […]

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The Elements of Art

Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun by Vincent VanGogh While exploring one of my favorite Art websites, About.com:Art History, I came across a great explanation of the “Elements of Art”. The author uses the analogy of the Elements of Art being like the “building blocks” that artists use to create their artwork. Similar to […]

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Screen Shots!

For those of you who enjoyed creating Abstract Art using Miltos Manetas’ website (from yesterday’s post), there is a way to save your creation, even though the website itself doesn’t give you a way to do that. You can take a picture of all or part of your computer screen using “screen shots” or “screen […]

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