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Collage 2 w/Positive and Negative Shapes

Basic Collage with Positive and Negative Shapes

I do this project with my first graders every year to help them under­stand the con­cept of pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive shapes.  This project also teaches sym­me­try and offers impor­tant prac­tice in cut­ting on a fold and apply­ing glue.  First graders are often sur­prised by the shapes they see when they unfold their papers — they […]

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Nature Collage Card — Inspired by the Art of Haiti

You can learn a lot about a cul­ture from its art work!  On my recent trip to Haiti, I learned that the Hait­ian peo­ple are both resilient and resource­ful.  Their resource­ful­ness is eas­ily seen in their art­work, espe­cially these col­laged note cards that they make and sell, using local organic mate­ri­als to cre­ate sim­ple scenes […]

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3D” Flower Collage

My 2nd graders used these whim­si­cal flow­ers for their Mother’s Day cards this year, but you could also make a col­or­ful gar­den pic­ture while teach­ing the con­cepts of sym­me­try and lay­er­ing. Attach­ing the blos­soms with lay­ers of dou­ble stick foam tape gives a fun 3D effect that unfor­tu­nately doesn’t show up well in this picture! […]

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Happy Easter — “Stained Glass” Cross

This is a project I do every year with my Kinders for Easter. It requires a bit more prep than usual, but it’s a great way to rein­force the con­cept of sym­me­try.… plus they look beau­ti­ful hang­ing in the win­dows! 1. Fold a piece of 12x18 black con­struc­tion paper in half ver­ti­cally (length­wise).2. Make a […]

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Matisse-Inspired Collage

When Matisse was elderly and too weak to stand at his easel, he began mak­ing col­lages with cut paper, which he called “draw­ing with scis­sors”. Henri Matisse, a French artist (1869–1953) known for his orig­i­nal­ity and strong use of color, was one of the most impor­tant artists of the 20th cen­tury and a leader in […]

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Name Aliens

Name Alien” by Robert Here’s a fun sym­me­try project that I adapted from another really old book, “Paper Designs” by Jerome C. Brown. It’s out of print, but can still be found through used book sell­ers. When stu­dents are com­fort­able with writ­ing their names in cur­sive, they are ready for this project.… I do this […]

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Positive/Negative Space Collage #2

This project is sim­i­lar to the last one I posted, but this one has a mir­ror image that works ver­ti­cally as well as hor­i­zon­tally. It’s really not that much more dif­fi­cult, espe­cially if you’ve already done the first one, but it’s def­i­nitely impres­sive! (Both are adapted from the book Wild & Won­der­ful Art Lessons by […]

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