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Popcorn Drawing — Observation & Imagination

Have you ever looked at a cloud and seen an ani­mal or some other ran­dom image?  Most every­one has used their imag­i­na­tion to “find” things in clouds, and pop­corn offers this same cre­ative expe­ri­ence!  This is a great les­son for 5th grade and up.  Make sure you cre­ate a sam­ple to illus­trate the steps… a […]

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Touch” Contour Drawing

A work­shop par­tic­i­pant try­ing out the “touch” method of con­tour draw­ing In my last teacher work­shop, I showed how stu­dents can improve their draw­ing skills with dif­fer­ent types of con­tour draw­ing. In pre­vi­ous posts, I’ve talked about blind, mem­ory and guided con­tour draw­ing. Last, but not least, is “touch” con­tour draw­ing. This is another great […]

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More Contour Drawing — “Memory” and “Guided”

Guided” Con­tour Draw­ing by Austin, grade 5 In her book, Art for Kids: Draw­ing, artist and author Kathryn Tem­ple reminds us that, “The most impor­tant thing an artist can do is pay atten­tion.” It’s amaz­ing how most peo­ple go through life with­out really look­ing at the world around them. Con­tour draw­ing will help you break this […]

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Teacher Workshop — Contour Drawing!

Blind Con­tour Draw­ing” of a stu­dent in my work­shop! I love this quote by Kathryn Tem­ple, author of Art for Kids: Draw­ing.… “Draw­ing has more to do with see­ing than it does with hold­ing a pen­cil in your hand.” So true!! In my teacher work­shop last week­end (“Teach­ing Draw­ing to Kids”) we focused on how […]

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Shoe Drawings

Third Grade Shoe Draw­ing by Brian Con­tour draw­ing is a great activ­ity for devel­op­ing your draw­ing skills, no mat­ter what your age or level of abil­ity. There are dozens of fun projects you can do with con­tour draw­ing, but here is one of my favorites.… Shoe Draw­ings!1. Remove one shoe and place it on your desk.2. […]

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Take Avantage of Your Local Art Talent!

I hope you know that I mean “take advan­tage of” in a good way! Every com­mu­nity has it’s share of local tal­ent, so why not bring some of that influ­ence into your class­room? Some­times it helps our stu­dents to hear enthu­si­asm about Art com­ing from some­one other than us! Invit­ing a local artist into your […]

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