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Collage 2 w/Positive and Negative Shapes

Basic Collage with Positive and Negative Shapes

I do this project with my first graders every year to help them under­stand the con­cept of pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive shapes.  This project also teaches sym­me­try and offers impor­tant prac­tice in cut­ting on a fold and apply­ing glue.  First graders are often sur­prised by the shapes they see when they unfold their papers — they […]

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Stained Glass Name Designs

This is a sim­ple project, and a great intro­duc­tion to the con­cept of pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive space for younger kids. Any project using their names is typ­i­cally a guar­an­teed hit!! Mate­ri­als: White paper, any size Pen­cil and eraser Black chisel tip mark­ers Water-based mark­ers in a vari­ety of col­ors Vocab­u­lary:Pos­i­tive Space — the object or objects you […]

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Valentine Card with Negative Space Resist

Use con­tact paper and mask­ing tape to cre­ate a resist for a beau­ti­ful water­color wash back­ground! Mate­ri­als: Con­tact paper, 4 pieces 3″ x 4″ Mask­ing tape or painter’s tape (Lessen the tack­i­ness by stick­ing the tape onto your clothes first, that way it won’t tear your paper when you remove it.) Scis­sors Water­color paper, 9”x 12” […]

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Positive/Negative Space Collage #2

This project is sim­i­lar to the last one I posted, but this one has a mir­ror image that works ver­ti­cally as well as hor­i­zon­tally. It’s really not that much more dif­fi­cult, espe­cially if you’ve already done the first one, but it’s def­i­nitely impres­sive! (Both are adapted from the book Wild & Won­der­ful Art Lessons by […]

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Positive/Negative Space Collage #1

Cut paper col­lage is a great way to teach the con­cepts of positive/negative space and sym­me­try. This les­son is inspired by the art of Japan­ese ‘Notan’, which empha­sizes the con­trast between light and dark. Each student’s project will look unique, every­one will feel suc­cess­ful, and it’s not even messy! You can’t beat that com­bi­na­tion! 1. […]

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Grade 2 Portfolios — “My Many Colored Days”

This project is a great way to use last year’s bro­ken crayons! You can even assign stu­dents the job of peel­ing paper off the bro­ken crayons just for this pur­pose.… some kids LOVE to do this!! “My Many Col­ored Days”, writ­ten (but not illus­trated) by the beloved Dr. Seuss, is the inspi­ra­tion for my Grade 2 […]

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Negative Space Tree Drawings

6th Grade Draw­ings of the Trees in our Park­ing Lot! If you hurry, you can still fit this project in before the trees start sprout­ing leaves and you have to wait til fall!Kids love any excuse to get out of the class­room, so if you can, go out­side and have them do the first part of […]

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