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Blossoming “Popcorn Trees”

Spring has sprung, and to cel­e­brate, our Kinders painted trees blos­som­ing with flow­ers made of pop­corn!  This les­son rein­forces the color mix­ing skills we’ve been work­ing on all year, as well as teaches a basic tech­nique for drawing/painting trees.  Adding pop­corn also gives the oppor­tu­nity to talk about the con­cept of “mixed media”.  And who […]

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Color Mixing Squares template

Mixing 100 Colors

Today was our 100th Day of School, so to help our 2nd graders cel­e­brate, I decided to chal­lenge them to mix 100 dif­fer­ent col­ors!  I made a grid for stu­dents to paint over, con­sist­ing of 10 rows of 10 very light gray squares with a lit­tle white space in between.  I didn’t want to see harsh outlines […]

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Cezanne-Inspired Still Life — a Step Further!

I was so happy with the results that my Kinders had with our Cezanne-inspired still life paint­ings, that I wanted to take it a step fur­ther with my 1st grade classes.…   As I showed my 1st graders some of Cezanne’s still life paint­ings, we noticed that you could often see a dark edge around many […]

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Cezanne-Inspired Still Life for K and Beyond

Today my Kinders learned about Impres­sion­ist artist Paul Cezanne, and painted a still life inspired by him.  This les­son was so suc­cess­ful on so many lev­els!   First, we talked about how Cezanne’s father didn’t encour­age him in his art (he wanted him to be a banker or a lawyer), but he had a friend […]

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Kandinsky for Kinders

I love this color mix­ing les­son inspired by Russ­ian artist, Wass­ily Kandin­sky! Kandin­sky was an accom­plished musi­cian as well as an artist, so it’s fun to play music while the stu­dents are work­ing. You can do vari­a­tions of this les­son for just about any grade level. Here is what I do for Kinder­garten and 1st […]

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Cityscapes with Tints and Shades

Our Kinders are becom­ing experts at color mix­ing! This time we added white to make tints and black to make shades as we cre­ated these sweet “candy-colored” cities! Mate­ri­als:9x12 white heavy­weight con­struc­tion paperpen­cilTem­pera paint — red, yel­low, turquoise, white and black­Pa­per plates for palettes­brushes and water Vocab­u­lary:Tint — any color plus white­Shade — any color plus black […]

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Rorschach Creatures

This is a favorite les­son I do with Kinder­garten every fall. They love the sur­prise of open­ing their papers to reveal col­or­ful designs and the fun of using their imag­i­na­tions to “dis­cover” unique crea­tures! I do this les­son in two parts, to give the paint time to dry before adding details with marker. 1. Fold […]

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