Valentine Card with Negative Space Resist

Use con­tact paper and mask­ing tape to cre­ate a resist for a beau­ti­ful water­color wash background!
  • Con­tact paper, 4 pieces 3″ x 4″
  • Mask­ing tape or painter’s tape (Lessen the tack­i­ness by stick­ing the tape onto your clothes first, that way it won’t tear your paper when you remove it.)
  • Scis­sors
  • Water­color paper, 9”x 12” (the Strath­more “Kids Paint Pad” is a good low-cost option)
  • Water­col­ors and brush
  • Water and containers
  1. Fold your paper in half and tape around the inside of each edge on the right half to cre­ate a border.
  2. Draw the let­ters L-O-V-E or X-O-X-O on the side of the con­tact paper that has the adhe­sive on it, then draw an out­line let­ter around it. (Make sure you don’t draw your let­ters on the back­ing paper or they will come out in reverse!)
  3. Cut out your letters.
  4. Remove the back­ing paper from your let­ters and press them onto the right half of your water­color paper. Rub well with your fin­gers, espe­cially around the edges of each let­ter, to get a good seal.
  5. Next, paint a col­or­ful, wet-on-wet back­ground over the right half of your paper. Check the edges all around your let­ters to make sure you haven’t left any areas unpainted.
  6. Let dry for a few min­utes. Then, care­fully remove the con­tact paper to reveal your design!

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One Response to Valentine Card with Negative Space Resist

  1. Anne February 7, 2010 at 3:25 pm #

    I did this project with my class of first graders… we all loved how it turned out. We did hearts, x’s and o’s. Thanks for the idea.

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