Valentine Color Mixing

You can mix a “tint” of any color just by adding white to it. Painting with tints lends itself well to Valentine projects, like this colorful card made from a 12″x18″ painting folded in half.

1. First, place a “quarter-size” amount of red, yellow and turquoise tempera paint on a paper plate. (I like to use “turquoise” rather than “blue”, because it’s closer to “cyan”, or “true blue”.)
2. Next, add some white to each of your colors to mix tints of those colors.
Now mix separate puddles of tints of orange, green and purple using your new tinted primary colors. Add more white to achieve varying degrees of tint.
4. Then paint hearts in varying sizes across your paper.
5. Now, use another color to paint an outline around each of your hearts.
6. Finally, fill in all the “in-between” spaces with more color. Remember to use only tints in your painting!

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One Response to Valentine Color Mixing

  1. natty241 February 12, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    I LOOOOVE these! I am crazy about anything with hearts, but these paintings are BIG and beautiful. O really enjoy reading your blog! great ideas for my classes