Valentine Color Mixing

You can mix a “tint” of any color just by adding white to it. Paint­ing with tints lends itself well to Valen­tine projects, like this col­or­ful card made from a 12“x18” paint­ing folded in half.

1. First, place a “quarter-size” amount of red, yel­low and turquoise tem­pera paint on a paper plate. (I like to use “turquoise” rather than “blue”, because it’s closer to “cyan”, or “true blue”.)
2. Next, add some white to each of your col­ors to mix tints of those col­ors.
Now mix sep­a­rate pud­dles of tints of orange, green and pur­ple using your new tinted pri­mary col­ors. Add more white to achieve vary­ing degrees of tint.
4. Then paint hearts in vary­ing sizes across your paper.
5. Now, use another color to paint an out­line around each of your hearts.
6. Finally, fill in all the “in-between” spaces with more color. Remem­ber to use only tints in your paint­ing!

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One Response to Valentine Color Mixing

  1. natty241 February 12, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    I LOOOOVE these! I am crazy about any­thing with hearts, but these paint­ings are BIG and beau­ti­ful. O really enjoy read­ing your blog! great ideas for my classes

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