What If We Treated Driving Like We Treat the Arts?”

I’d like to share an excerpt from a great book, “The Cre­ative License” by Danny Gre­gory. This is a book about giv­ing your­self per­mis­sion to be cre­ative, rec­om­mended to me by my friend, car­toon­ist Brid­gett Spicer, one of the most cre­ative peo­ple I know! I first read this book about two years ago (I under­lined about half of it!) and I keep going back to it and find­ing more and more truth in it each time. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!

It begins, “Too many peo­ple seem to feel they are not and can­not ever be cre­ative.” The author goes on to dis­cuss the anal­ogy of how as an adult, you were not born know­ing how to drive a car, but with instruc­tion and prac­tice, you learned and can now do it intu­itively. He com­pares this process with the “cre­ative edu­ca­tion” you may have received grow­ing up… “You prob­a­bly never stud­ied cre­ativ­ity in school. You never learned the basic prin­ci­ples of cre­ativ­ity. You never worked con­sis­tently at a cre­ative dis­cipline until you mas­tered it, prob­a­bly because the ini­tial learn­ing curve was so steep. When you encoun­tered an obsta­cle you prob­a­bly gave up, blam­ing a lack of talent.”

What if we treated dri­ving like we treat the Arts? We’d assume that peo­ple were either born to drive or not. We’d wait and see if, as chil­dren, they started driving on their own, if they had tal­ent and a call­ing. If they did, we would be care­ful not to inter­fere with their tal­ent and pos­si­bly sup­press it. We would make sure to encour­age only those who seemed they’d be able to drive pro­fes­sion­ally. We’d pay some of them mil­lions of dol­lars to drive and lav­ish them with fame; oth­ers we would refuse to sup­port, encour­ag­ing them to do some­thing more use­ful for soci­ety. Every­one else would assume they would never be able to drive and would just stand on the side­walks and watch the traf­fic. At least the ozone layer would be in bet­ter shape.”

Okay, he exag­ger­ates to make his point, but it’s a point well taken! Sadly, many schools today, both pub­lic and pri­vate, have dropped Art edu­ca­tion alto­gether due to bud­get con­straints. Edu­ca­tion in the Arts is a vital com­po­nent to any well-rounded edu­ca­tion and we need to find ways to con­tinue to offer it no mat­ter what the ups and downs of the eco­nomic climate.

To this end, I’m inspired to use this blog to share my favorite K-6 Art lessons and tips for teach­ing Art to kids. My hope is that class­room teach­ers, home school teach­ers, and par­ents will feel inspired and equipped to do Art with the kids in their life, even if they them­selves have no pre­vi­ous Art expe­ri­ence. So, peruse my les­son ideas and other links, grab a copy of The Cre­ative License for a “cre­ativ­ity booster shot”, and just for fun check out Brid­gett Spicer’s daily comic strip, “Squid Row.”


2 Responses to What If We Treated Driving Like We Treat the Arts?”

  1. Anonymous October 6, 2008 at 11:41 am #

    Cheryl, I like the car dri­ving anal­ogy in refrnce to art. Very good post.
    Love, RT

  2. Allisoleil October 6, 2008 at 5:07 pm #

    Great post! And so true!! Not to men­tion the excit­ing announce­ment… Can’t wait to see what’s to come!!!

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