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Watercolor Fish

These are your basic crayon resist fish, but with a new twist.… stu­dents painted the fish sep­a­rately from the back­ground, then we glued them on top after every­thing was dry. The result is a back­ground that looks con­tin­u­ous. Try sprin­kling some salt on your back­ground before it dries for an inter­est­ing, “watery” effect! I like […]

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Tes­sel­la­tions are all around us! A tile floor is a good exam­ple. Encour­age your stu­dents to find other tes­sel­lat­ing pat­terns in the world around them. Then make your own tes­sel­la­tions inspired by artist M.C. Escher. (Don’t be afraid to try these… they are much eas­ier than they look!) First, some help­ful vocab­u­lary:M.C. Escher — a Dutch […]

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Kindergarten Birds

These kinder­garten bird paint­ings are guar­an­teed to make you smile! I was com­pletely charmed by these when my stu­dents did them last week, so I wanted to share a few, along with some tips for get­ting great results.… I began by shar­ing a spe­cial “artist secret” with my stu­dents.… that “artists use shapes to help […]

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Grade 2 Portfolios — “My Many Colored Days”

This project is a great way to use last year’s bro­ken crayons! You can even assign stu­dents the job of peel­ing paper off the bro­ken crayons just for this pur­pose.… some kids LOVE to do this!! “My Many Col­ored Days”, writ­ten (but not illus­trated) by the beloved Dr. Seuss, is the inspi­ra­tion for my Grade 2 […]

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K Portfolios — a Purple Crayon Adventure!

I’ve always loved books, so I love to start the school year off by read­ing an art-related story to each of my classes. My favorite “art story” for Kinder­garten is Harold and the Pur­ple Crayon by Crock­ett John­son. This clas­sic children’s tale was first pub­lished in 1955 and has been hugely pop­u­lar ever since. It […]

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Butterfly Symmetry with Crayon Resist

But­ter­flies make the per­fect sub­ject for learn­ing about sym­me­try and they’re a great way to wel­come the spring sea­son. I love dis­play­ing them by putting a cou­ple of sta­ples through the body and pulling the wings out a lit­tle so they look like they’re in flight! It’s fun to let them “fly” off the bulletin […]

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My Good Shepherd

Paint­ing by Syd­ney, grade 1 When I taught Art at a pri­vate Chris­t­ian School, I would do this les­son every year just before Easter with my first graders. This is one of those projects where the results are totally charm­ing and every­one feels suc­cess­ful.… and the par­ents love them!! The idea for these adorable water­color sheep came […]

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