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Snowflake Crayon Resist

This fun lesson was inspired by a project I saw on Art Projects for Kids… “Watercolor Resist Snowflakes”. I changed it up just a little for my Kindergarten classes and they had a blast doing this! First we talked a bit about snowflakes and then I showed them some amazing photographs of real snowflakes (taken […]

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Kindergarten Stars

Try these simple instructions to teach your kinders how to draw stars. As adults, we make these designs automatically, almost without thinking, but for a five year old drawing their very first star, it’s nothing short of magical! Once it “clicks” for them, they will be drawing stars everywhere! First talk about types of lines, […]

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Butterfly with Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist

Butterfly with Watercolor & Oil Pastel Resist

Fall is “butterfly season” for us who live on the California Central Coast! This is the time when over 100,000 Monarch butterflies migrate to our State Monarch Preserve from the valley regions west of the Rockies, making their temporary home here until spring. On sunny, warm days, they fly out of the eucalyptus trees where […]

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Watercolor Fish

These are your basic crayon resist fish, but with a new twist…. students painted the fish separately from the background, then we glued them on top after everything was dry. The result is a background that looks continuous. Try sprinkling some salt on your background before it dries for an interesting, “watery” effect! I like […]

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Tessellations are all around us! A tile floor is a good example. Encourage your students to find other tessellating patterns in the world around them. Then make your own tessellations inspired by artist M.C. Escher. (Don’t be afraid to try these… they are much easier than they look!) First, some helpful vocabulary:M.C. Escher – a […]

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Kindergarten Birds

These kindergarten bird paintings are guaranteed to make you smile! I was completely charmed by these when my students did them last week, so I wanted to share a few, along with some tips for getting great results…. I began by sharing a special “artist secret” with my students…. that “artists use shapes to help […]

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Grade 2 Portfolios – “My Many Colored Days”

This project is a great way to use last year’s broken crayons! You can even assign students the job of peeling paper off the broken crayons just for this purpose…. some kids LOVE to do this!! “My Many Colored Days”, written (but not illustrated) by the beloved Dr. Seuss, is the inspiration for my Grade […]

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