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How to Take Great Photos of Kids' Art Using Your iPhone

How to Take Great Photos of Kids’ Art Using Your iPhone

Whether you’re a parent wanting to document your child’s artistic journey or an art teacher/blogger in need of awesome photos of your students’ projects, the best camera to use is the one you have with you! And if you’re like me, that’s the iPhone in your back pocket. With an iPhone (or other smartphone), you can take […]

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My very first Art Show as a parent volunteer!

How to Start an Art Program at Your Child’s School

The one question my readers ask more than any other is something along the line of, “Do you have any advice for parents who want to teach Art in their child’s class?” And my answer is, yes…. actually, I do! This topic is near and dear to my heart because this is exactly how I […]

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Art Hanging System from IKEA

Art Hanging System from IKEA

Parents, ever wonder how to display all that wonderful artwork your kids bring home at the end of the school year? The mom of one of my students shared this great idea with me (thank you, Molly Craig!) and it’s so clever I had to pass it along!  She created a “hallway gallery”  for her […]

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Berry Thumbprint People Cartoon

How Full Is Your Bucket?

The books that inspired this lesson have nothing to do with art, and the illustrations were not what attracted me! What I LOVE about these books is their message. And what better way to drive home a great message than with a fun art lesson??! Inspired by a bullying episode at my school, I saw […]

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Art Show – Lessons Learned

5th Grade Oil Pastel Paintings inspired by Marc Chagall I’m a “learn by doing” kind of person. And usually that means learning from my mistakes (i.e.what not to do!). But last week I had the rare privilege of learning from something that I unintentionally did right!! Every Spring we hang an Art Show that coincides […]

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