Christmas “Stained Glass” Ornaments

Are your stu­dents bounc­ing off the walls with antic­i­pa­tion of the com­ing hol­i­day? Need a last minute project to engage them? Try mak­ing these glow­ing orna­ments with the look of stained glass! Stu­dents in grade 3 and up will enjoy spread­ing Christ­mas cheer when they hang these orna­ments on their tree or give them as gifts. All you need is black con­struc­tion paper, tis­sue paper in bright col­ors, scis­sors and glue sticks.… oh, and the school lam­i­nat­ing machine!

Just take two pieces of 4“x6” black con­struc­tion paper (one on top of the other) and together fold them in half. Then (on the fold) cut out half of a shape that will be sym­met­ri­cal when opened (ex. tree, bell, star, etc.). Leave about a 1/4″ mar­gin and cut a smaller ver­sion of that same shape. Unfold the paper and you should have two iden­ti­cal “out­lines” of your shape. Using a glue stick, spread a thin layer of glue along one of the out­lines. Next, cut strips of tis­sue paper and press them onto the black out­line, over­lap­ping them so there aren’t any gaps. Make sure they don’t extend over the edges of the black paper. Now spread glue on the other black out­line and care­fully lay this paper over the top of the first one so that the edges all line up.

Once stu­dents get the hang of it, they should each be able to make sev­eral of these orna­ments in one class period. Then run all the orna­ments through the lam­i­nat­ing machine. (It’s usu­ally best to do this at the slow­est speed set­ting to ensure a good bond.) Trim close to the edge of each one and punch a small hole at the top for hang­ing. These are beau­ti­ful hang­ing on a tree at Christ­mas or in a win­dow at any time of year!

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  1. erica December 16, 2008 at 9:41 am #

    i remem­ber that project! they are so cute! i should have made a cou­ple for myself!

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