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Student gluing sections of star together

Christmas in July! Folded Paper Stars with Symmetry

These hang­ing stars are a hit year after year with my 4th graders. You can make these in any size you want.… the size of the squares you start with will deter­mine the size of your fin­ished stars. (When I teach this les­son, I use 12″ squares in two dif­fer­ent col­ors to demon­strate the fold­ing and gluing […]

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Colorful Catalogs for Collage

Save Your Catalogs!

Cat­a­logs of all kinds can be a great resource for col­lage projects and more. Here are two of my favorites, which I’m always happy to find in my mail­box!  I save them for their pages full of color, tex­ture, and pat­tern… per­fect for my Fundraiser House Mag­nets, and any project where you need a cheap (free!) […]

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African Kente Cloth Weaving

Kente cloth orig­i­nated in Ghana as the fab­ric of roy­alty, but has become a col­or­ful sym­bol of African cul­ture, now loved and worn by many.  Stu­dents in grades K and 1 will enjoy cre­at­ing their own paper ver­sion of this col­or­ful cloth! Mate­ri­als: 6“x12” black con­struc­tion paper 1“x6” strips of red, blue, yel­low and green con­struc­tion paper (3 […]

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Oil Pastel Fish — Kindergarten Style!

  Oil pas­tels, with their rich col­ors and expres­sive line qual­ity, are one of my favorite medi­ums to use with kids. And the key to get­ting the best results with any oil pas­tel les­son is LAYERING! Mate­ri­als: 12x18 black con­struc­tion paper Oil pas­tels (We use the Pen­tel 16 color set.) Direc­tions: 1. Set aside your black oil pastel… […]

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Compass Mandalas

The word “man­dala” comes from the San­skrit word mean­ing “cir­cle” and has it’s roots in Hindu and Bud­dhist tra­di­tions.  We know man­dalas as cir­cu­lar designs with radial sym­me­try and repeat­ing pat­terns.  Man­dalas can be found today in a vari­ety of cul­tures as well as in nature. (Ask stu­dents where they have seen cir­cles, or patterns […]

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Designs with Number Patterns

This les­son is adapted from a math activ­ity my own kids did in mid­dle school, where they used col­ored string to “stitch” their pat­terns on card stock.  I sim­pli­fied this les­son for my stu­dents (4th grade and up), replac­ing the nee­dle and thread with mark­ers and a ruler.…  Have you ever mar­veled at the fascinating […]

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Chilean Rain Sticks

This project requires a bit more prep than most, but it’s not dif­fi­cult and so worth the extra time it takes! Your stu­dents will LOVE cre­at­ing these col­or­ful, authen­tic sound­ing rain sticks! Be sure to show stu­dents where Chile is located on a map or globe, and talk about its unique geog­ra­phy and weather! Chile […]

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