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My Favorite Eraser Ever

It may seem like a small thing (and in terms of actual size, it is!) but every artist needs a good eraser and not all erasers are created equal! My personal favorite is the Sanford Magic Rub eraser.

This vinyl eraser is non-abrasive so it won’t tear or lift the surface of the paper no matter how “enthusiastically” your students erase with it, and it won’t smudge or harden with age. To stretch my supply budget, I cut these in half for my students (they cut easily with an Xacto knife) and they seem to last forever…. as long as you remind your students not to poke holes in them with their pencils! (Why do kids do that, anyway??!)

The Magic Rub sheds small, curled eraser shavings which are easily wiped away rather than the messy eraser granules that other erasers leave behind. It’s rubbery surface keeps it from sliding and it can even be used on a sloped desk to block your pencil from rolling. And here’s the “magic” part…. the Magic Rub erases ink marks (even Sharpie!) from desks…. the custodian will love you!

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  1. I need to buy an eraser for my daughter for school and wasn’t sure what kind to get, now I do! Thanks!!