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Monochromatic Snow Scene with Markers

Student spraying water on her monochromatic snow sceneHere’s an easy, wintery snow scene, perfect for those days when you need a lesson without much prep or clean-up. The week before Christmas break is that time for me!


  • 12 x 18 white construction paper
  • Crayola Washable Markers (you only need the gray, red, and orange)
  • Spray bottle filled with plain water


  1. Use your gray marker only to draw a monochromatic (one color) snow scene with one snowman, three wintery trees (no leaves on the branches), and lots of big snowflakes.  (This is a great time to talk about foreground, middle ground, and background, using odd numbers of things in a composition, and drawing the horizon line behind, not under, your snowman.) Make sure you’re using washable markers, or they won’t bleed when you spray them!
  2. Add a simple red scarf and a carrot nose.
  3. With adult supervision, lightly mist your entire paper with water, using a spray bottle.  Be careful not to get too carried away… the markers will continue to bleed and run for a while longer after you spray them!  Just cover the whole paper with a light mist.  You can always spray it again after it dries if you want it to bleed more.

Misting the gray washable markers with water gives your picture a fun, snowy effect!  See Teach Kids Art on Facebook for more pictures by my talented 1st graders!



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  1. Tried this project with several of my groups, some adult artists with disabilities, some young artists, and everyone really enjoyed this. We added a little silver glitter to add that sunnys sparkle, but it was great to talk about cool colors, using shapes to make art and very interactive and tactile. Thanks