Cut Paper Symmetry “Pop-Out” Card

This is a fun card to make for any occa­sion… just vary the col­ors you use and the shapes you cut to suit the hol­i­day or theme! The pop-out fea­ture inside (see below) is an added bonus!

Front of Card:

  • 9” x 12” con­struc­tion paper (this will form the “base” of your card)
  • 3” x 9” paper in a con­trast­ing color
  • scis­sors and glue

  1. Fold the 9” x 12” paper in half hor­i­zon­tally, to form the base of your card.
  2. Fold the 3” x 9” paper in half ver­ti­cally, then open it up and fold it in half hor­i­zon­tally. Open again. This will aid you in cre­at­ing a sym­met­ri­cal design.
  3. Cut shapes from the 3” x 9” paper along each edge as well as in the mid­dle of the paper, fold­ing in half where help­ful to make the cuts. This step can be kept very sim­ple for young chil­dren or made more com­plex for older ones.
  4. Glue the sec­tion you cut the pieces from onto the right side of the front your card, align­ing the edges.
  5. Now lay the cut-outs back into their orig­i­nal places and draw a small “x” in pen­cil on each one (so you’ll know which side to put the glue on).
  6. Place a small amount of glue onto the “x” side of each of the cut-out pieces, then flip each one over and place it onto the left side of the card in reverse symmetry.

Inside of Card:

  • 9”x12” con­struc­tion paper, in a con­trast­ing color to the base of your card
  • scis­sors and glue
  1. Fold your paper in half horizontally.
  2. With your paper still folded, fold it again about 2” from the fold.
  3. Unfold the sec­ond fold and cut sim­ple shapes into the first folded edge, being care­ful not to cut beyond your sec­ond fold line. (You can mimic some of the shapes you cut on the front if you want to unify your design.)
  4. Now, push this first fold to the inside, so that you see an “M” or a “W” shape when you look at your paper from the edge.
  5. Glue the inside of your card to the base of the card, match­ing cor­ners and leav­ing the cen­ter sec­tion folded into the middle.

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