Easy Sugar Skull Ceramic Planter/Pot

Easy Sugar Skull Ceramic Planter/Pot for Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead

As if we needed one more reason to love Trader Joe’s…. THIS sugar skull succulent planter! My students were asking for a project for Day of the Dead, so when I saw these awesome sugar skull succulent planters I knew I had to come up with a good way to make them! So here it is, just in time for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on November 1 & 2!

All you’ll need is clay, a popsicle stick, a fettling knife, and a dull pencil….

If you plan to plant directly into your finished pot, you’ll need to use a straw to poke some drainage holes in the bottom while your clay is still damp. No holes necessary if you plan to just insert a plastic pot. Another optional step is to use your thumb (or the back of a spoon) to add an indent where the temporal bone would be.

We haven’t glazed our sugar skull planters yet, but I’ll add pics when we do! For my sample, I plan to paint colorful glazes into my designs, wipe off any excess glaze that gets on the surface, and cover the whole thing with a clear glaze for a white skull (since we’re using white clay). If you don’t have a kiln, you can use air dry clay, paint, and Mod Podge to create a similar, colorful effect!

Below are a few pics of our finished projects! You can use the same texturing techniques to make the plate. For glazing, we painted black glaze over the whole thing, then wiped it off with a sponge, so it only remained in the “nooks and crannies”. Then we added colored glazes and painted a clear glaze where we just wanted the white of the clay to show but still be shiny.

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