Hello, WordPress!

A hand writing "Hello, WordPress!"Finally.… Teach Kids Art on Word­Press is up and run­ning!  Mak­ing the move from Blog­ger to Word­Press has been quite a stretch for me, but I’ve learned a lot in the process, and I hope it will make my lessons and ideas more search­able and more sharable!  So, explore my new site, check out the drop-down menus and orga­ni­za­tion I added, and let me know what you think. Thanks for your patience as I tweak and adjust.… I’m still learning!

If you’ve been think­ing about start­ing a self-hosted blog on WordPress.org (or mov­ing your cur­rent Blog­ger blog to Word­Press), you might want to check out this help­ful post, How To Launch a Self-Hosted Word­Press Blog in 20 Min­utes or Less by Michael Hyatt, another blog­ger I fol­low.  While his con­tent has noth­ing to do with art, or kids, he offers help­ful infor­ma­tion about blog­ging and social media, along with some great posts on lead­er­ship and life! (It took me ridicu­lously longer than the 20 min­utes he sug­gests in this head­line, but if you’re start­ing fresh (with­out tons of con­tent to move and orga­nize) maybe you could do that by fol­low­ing his great instructions!)

If you’re a Word­Press user already, do you have a favorite wid­get or plugin?


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4 Responses to Hello, WordPress!

  1. JoAnn Billups August 27, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    Oh Mrs. Trow­bridge — you know I think you are the BEST Art Teacher in the world! Your Word­Press blog is great! Look for­ward to all your future posts!!!!
    Mrs. Billups

    • Cheryl Trowbridge August 27, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

      Haha! Thanks, JoAnn! This was my very first com­ment on my new web­site!! Thanks for always being so encouraging!!

  2. CountryFun ChildCare August 29, 2012 at 7:05 am #

    I also think Word­Press offers more than blog­ger. Will enjoy see­ing how you con­tinue to change the site as you explore it even more.

  3. rina September 12, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    Hi Cheryl

    I use wordpress.org for my blog. I like the edi­to­r­ial cal­en­dar plug in. It lets you write your posts in advance and plan on a nor­mal cal­en­dar grid. Askimet is the most impor­tant — a must for block­ing spam. Water­mark reloaded will let you batch water­mark your images. I would love to con­tinue this con­ver­sa­tion with fel­low wordpress.org art room blog­gers! Good luck — you are going to love this platform.

    Rina at http://www.k6art.com

    p.s this would be a good dis­cus­sion on LinkedIn.

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