How to Take Great Photos of Kids’ Art Using Your iPhone

How to Take Great Photos of Kids' Art Using Your iPhoneWhether you’re a parent wanting to document your child’s artistic journey or an art teacher/blogger in need of awesome photos of your students’ projects, the best camera to use is the one you have with you! And if you’re like me, that’s the iPhone in your back pocket.

With an iPhone (or other smartphone), you can take photos that are high enough quality for most uses, from printing on products to featuring on a website. Just follow these helpful tips to get the best results from your iPhone photography….

  • First, clean your lens! Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any dust or smudges from your camera’s lens. Then while you’re at it, clean the front facing lens and screen, too.
  • Even lighting is key when photographing artwork. Use diffused, natural light from windows when you can. But when natural light isn’t possible, try setting up two lights that crisscross each other to light the work evenly and and avoid casting shadows on the artwork.
  • For 2D work, hang or lean the art against a wall, tilting your camera to match the angle if necessary. Allow your photo to extend just beyond the edges of the artwork, then edit with a cropping tool to make your final adjustments.
  • Display 3D pieces on a simple, neutral background with just enough contrast to make the work “pop”. 
  • Try the free VSCO app for both taking and editing your photos (iOS8+ or Android 4.0+). With VSCO you can control exposure, white balance, focus, ISO, and shutter speed. These quick tutorials will help get you started. 
  • Consider a tripod with adapter or a cell phone holder and a camera shutter remote control for extra crisp images.
  • In addition to photos strictly of artwork, remember to take some shots of kids with their art, and some work in progress ‘action shots’, too. Close-ups featuring little hands at work can be especially endearing!
  • Finally, always review your photos before putting everything away, just in case you need to retake any of them!

Special thanks to Dana VanArnam Fry of Dana Jean Photography and graphic designer Teela Cunningham of for sharing their tips for great photos! My Amazon affiliate links were used in this post. Thank you for supporting Teach Kids Art!


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