Positive/Negative Space Collage #2

This project is sim­i­lar to the last one I posted, but this one has a mir­ror image that works ver­ti­cally as well as hor­i­zon­tally. It’s really not that much more dif­fi­cult, espe­cially if you’ve already done the first one, but it’s def­i­nitely impres­sive! (Both are adapted from the book Wild & Won­der­ful Art Lessons by Gene Baer, a great resource which unfor­tu­nately is long out of print and a bit tricky to find.… but worth the effort! This tech­nique is also known as “Notan”, a Japan­ese art form where the con­trast of light and dark is emphasized.

1. Start with two 9″ squares of con­struc­tion paper in con­trast­ing col­ors. (Here I’m using black and red.) Choose one color to be the back­ground and set it aside.
2. Fold the other square in half ver­ti­cally and then in half again hor­i­zon­tally.
3. Draw one large shape on each side of your folded square. Each shape should be dif­fer­ent and none of them should touch or over­lap. (Have an adult check
before you cut!)
4. Cut out the shapes you drew and save all the pieces!
5. Now, open up your paper and lay it flat. Label the sec­tions 1, 2, 3 and 4, from left to right, top to bot­tom.
6. Then, cut your four sec­tions apart. Glue #1 and #4 in place (across from each other diag­o­nally) on the con­trast­ing paper. These sec­tions are now fin­ished!
7. Next, lay sec­tions #2 and #3 in place, but do not glue them down! Place the cut-out shapes where they go — no glue yet!
8. Care­fully, lift off the main pieces and then glue the smaller shapes in place on sec­tion #2 and #3. You’re done!

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  1. Cindy Lee Jones September 27, 2009 at 8:43 pm #

    This one is just as great! I’m not an art teacher but I’m very inspired by your projects you post on this blog, thanks so much for sharing. :-)

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