Surf’s Up! With End-of-the-Year Surfboard Art

Surfboard Art by Kids

The last few days of the school year can be a chal­lenge.… stu­dents are super-excited and their energy level is high! Add in a sub­sti­tute teacher and things could get crazy!

So, I was asked to sub for a cou­ple of classes on their last day of Art. I knew I’d need some­thing spe­cial to focus their almost-summer-vacation exuberance!

We live in a surf town on the Cal­i­for­nia coast, so design­ing a surf­board seemed like a log­i­cal way to end the school year. Since we only had one class period to work on these, I kept the size down to some­thing they might actu­ally have time to com­plete (7“x24”). I gave stu­dents black Sharpies, col­ored mark­ers (mostly dried up, but hey… it’s the end of the year!), and crayons (for fill­ing in large areas quickly with the side of the crayon). Those who didn’t fin­ish would most likely have those sup­plies at home if they wanted to fin­ish them later.

For prep, I made a surfboard-shaped tem­plate. Then I traced and cut the surf­boards ahead of time. I used 18x24 draw­ing paper so I was able to get two surf­boards (7x24) from each piece. Get­ting the shape just right for the tem­plate was the hard­est part of this les­son! First, I made a rough sketch of a surf­board on a half sheet of paper (9x24). Then I folded the 9x24 paper in half (length­wise) and cut on the fold to make it sym­met­ri­cal. I’ll admit, it took a few tries to get the pro­por­tions just right! Once I had my tem­plate, I folded the rest of the 18x24 paper in half, stacked two sheets together at a time (one inside the other), traced a surf­board on top, and then cut them out four surf­boards at a time.

We talked about dif­fer­ent styles of graphic art and surfboard/skateboard designs they had seen. The kids had fun with this project and actu­ally stayed focused.… many of them even finished!

Do you have a go-to les­son for the end of the school year that helps stu­dents stay focused in spite of their excite­ment for sum­mer vaca­tion? Please share!


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