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Crayon Resist Easter Card

Here’s a quick and easy crayon resist project I did with some of my 1st and 2nd graders.  Students folded 12×18 paper in half and painted on the front, for a charming Easter card.  Inside, they wrote: “He is risen!  He is risen indeed!”
  • 12×18 heavy-weight white construction paper
  • black crayons
  • watercolors (I like the Prang OVL-8 set)
  • watercolor brush (Don’t use the cheapo brush that comes in the set. You can buy a decent quality brush for a dollar or two, and it’s well worth it!)
  • water container and water
1. Fold your 12×18 paper in half the “hamburger way” (width-wise).
2. Make sure your fold is on the left, so your card will open correctly!
3. With your black crayon, draw a hill across the bottom of your paper. Add a few short lines here and there to suggest grass. (Because these are simple instructions, there is no need to draw with pencil first!)
4. Next, draw a simple cross on top of the hill and add an outline around it to give it thickness.
5. Draw a sun in the sky. 
6. Now paint!  (I encourage my students to not use any colors straight from their paint set, but to mix every color they use. This will yield much more interesting colors!!)
7. When your painting is dry, write your message on the inside.  Happy Easter!!

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