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Emergency Sub Plans

Most schools require their teachers to keep a folder of sub plans in their classroom, which is great for that occasional illness or emergency that causes you to be away from school for a few days.  But where do you turn when life really gets in the way and your absence extends beyond the contents of your sub folder?

This happened to me recently when I was called out of state for a family emergency 2500 miles away. Since I store most of my lesson plans and samples at home (and I wasn’t there), they weren’t accessible to my sub.  So we had to improvise.

Art teachers rarely follow a textbook curriculum, and your sub may not even have an art background, so a successful sub lesson needs to be simple to prep and easy to execute.  It should also be engaging.  If the kids are excited about what they’re doing, your sub will have fewer behavior problems and will be more likely to return the next day!

Here’s where Pinterest can really save the day!  As you collect and organize your art lesson pins, consider creating a board just for lessons that you could easily hand off to a sub…. lessons with simple materials, uncomplicated instructions, and an engaging finished product. You might even refer to this board yourself when your students finish an assignment ahead of schedule or you have some other last minute change of plans.

Pinterest offers an unlimited source of inspiration, and it can be overwhelming for a substitute teacher to sort through all those great ideas looking for a lesson they can execute.  But with just a little organization ahead of time, you can make your sub plans board a valuable resource for your sub and for you.  Check out my Pinterest Sub Plans board and repin the lessons you like!

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