Help for those Hard to Pronounce Names!

“The Virgin and Child with Saints” by Titian

Have you ever taught a lesson on one of those famous artists of the past, and felt unsure of exactly how to pronounce his name? I know I have….after all, many of those artists lived hundreds of years ago in countries that speak languages other than our own. Well, help is here, thanks to the miracle of modern technology. Now when you come across the Italian artist “Titian”, or the technique of “chiaroscuro”, you no longer have to guess. Just go to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary and you will find not only the definition and pronunciation for the name or term in question, but you can also click on the audio button and hear it spoken. You will sound like an expert even if you don’t feel like one! Try it and see….you may find yourself using it for a lot more than just Art vocabulary!

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  1. Cheryl, You must have had me in mind when you made this post. Thanks for the cool lead.
    Love, Roy