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Make a Sunflower for Ukraine

Make a colorful sunflower for Ukraine to show your support! Kids in grades 2 and up enjoy making these expressive oil pastel sunflowers. You might even want to make one yourself! You can find a free download to guide you in my TPT store.

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, and has been a symbol of peace for many years. The sunflower’s bright yellow petals set against a brilliant blue sky echo the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag.

This free lesson is called “Oil Pastel Sunflowers Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh“. In it you’ll find all my best tips and tricks for success with this (or any) oil pastel project.

Oil pastels are bright and colorful, and fun to work with. They’re also inexpensive and easy to find in your local art supply store, or online. Best of all, you can achieve impressive effects with oil pastels once you know a few basic techniques for using them.

Oil pastels naturally lend themselves to expressive line work that’s full of energy. Kids as young as kindergarten are able to make vivid designs with an almost Post-Impressionistic feel. Oil pastels are the perfect medium for creating projects inspired by the colorful brushwork of Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Laurel Burch,and other famous artists.

The student examples you’ll see in my free pdf are more abstract than the sunflower for Ukraine above. In those examples, I had given my students freedom to be creative with colors and shapes, and the results were totally charming! You can influence your students’ results by the examples you show them and the instructions you give.

Get your free download and create your own stunning sunflowers (or any kind of flowers!) with oil pastels. Learn the secrets to success that will take all your oil pastel projects to the next level.

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