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The Color Wheel Challenge

Photo of a color wheel made with found objects from around the house

If you’ve been following any art teacher accounts on social media lately, you’ve probably seen it… the Color Wheel Challenge!

The idea is simple… gather items in bright, solid colors from around your home, assemble them into color wheel order, and snap a pic! Then share your creation on social media using the hashtag #colorwheelchallenge .

Here are a few tips I learned while putting my color wheel together…

  1. Start assembling your color wheel as you find things. Pick a spot where you’ll have good lighting for your photo – you won’t want to move it once you have it all assembled!
  2. Using something round as a template is helpful.
  3. I used a round coffee table and stood on our couch to take the picture. But if my color wheel had been any bigger I would have needed a ladder! So keep any size limitations in mind.
  4. I also put a round placemat in the middle to hold that space open and then removed it for the photo. I think that’s easier than trying to make all the colors angle into the middle, but go for it if you’re feeling ambitious!
  5. I liked having brown in the middle, because when you mix all the colors together they make…. brown! But that’s optional, of course.
  6. Make sure you get the colors in the right order (not optional!)…. Just remember ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).
  7. Check your work by making sure the complimentary colors are across from each other…. red should be across from green, orange across from blue, and yellow across from violet. (Fun fact: If you mix any two complimentary colors together you get brown!)
  8. Take your picture from higher up than you think you need to, holding the camera level, and then crop it to a tight square. This is easier than trying to take the picture in a square and hoping that it fits perfectly without cropping. Trust me on this one!
  9. Try not to get too carried away collecting things…. remember, you have to put it all back! ;)
  10. Post your masterpiece on social media using the hashtag #colorwheelchallenge and be sure to check out all the fun ways that others created their color wheels, too.



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