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The Teach Kids Art TIP Vault

photo of the Teach Kids Art Tip Vault I’m excited to share the newest feature of the Teach Kids Art website… the TIP Vault!

The Teach Kids Art TIP Vault is where I collect all my very best tips for teaching Art to kids. No matter what grade you teach, you’ll find helpful ideas and information you can use. Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a parent doing art with kids at home, the TIP Vault is for you!

Each month I send a helpful Art teaching tip to my email subscribers. These are concepts, ideas, and strategies I learned over many years of teaching Art at every grade level and in a variety of settings. But these tips are just too good to send out once and never share again. So I created a TIP Vault to store them in, making each one accessible at any time to my subscribers.

These tips have helped my readers quickly learn things that could otherwise take years of teaching and research to figure out!

To receive your password for exclusive access to my TIP Vault, simply sign up here with your email address. You’ll also receive my free download “5 Fun Art Activities Kids Can Do with a Pencil & Paper” and my “TIP of the Month” email sent directly to your inbox each week.

I promise to respect your privacy. I will only send you my very best ideas and insights to help you share the JOY of ART with the kids in your life. Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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