Hand Print Art for Pre-K and Kindergarten

I don’t usually post project ideas for Pre-K, since I teach K – 6 (so most of my ideas and resources are for those grades). Special thanks to Denise Harrell, the coordinator for Young Children’s World in Abilene, Texas, who submitted these ideas. She used these projects for a Kids Kreations fundraiser and wanted to share them with others who are teaching this age group, as preschool teachers (like the rest of us!) are always on the look-out for good ideas! Thanks, Denise!!

While it can be desirable to let Preschoolers just experiment with their materials and create intuitively, there are times when you need a finished product with a holiday theme or maybe for a gift or a fundraiser project. So, here are a few ideas for creating some special artwork with this age group for just such occasions!

Hand prints and foot prints from little ones always make a special keepsake. You really can’t go wrong…. they are just so darn cute! As a mom of two adult kids, I can tell you they don’t stay this size for long, so get those hand prints and foot prints while you can! Finger paint and tempera paint both work well for making prints and wash off easily. (Have some wipes handy for the initial cleaning before you send them to the sink!) Hands and feet can also be printed or traced and cut out for gluing onto a separate background, which you can have the child paint ahead of time for extra charm. Details can also be added with markers or cut-paper when dry, if desired. (For more ideas with cute hand print projects, check out Hand-Shaped Art by Diane Bonica.)

One last idea with the hand-print theme…. If you happen to be a quilter, or have a parent in your classroom who likes to quilt, check out these quilts we made with our Kindergarteners a while back…. We used quilt squares from Kids Kreations and the help of some dedicated parent-volunteer quilters! These quilts were sold at our fundraiser auction in the spring.

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One Response to Hand Print Art for Pre-K and Kindergarten

  1. Pink & Green Mama October 25, 2009 at 4:27 pm #

    wow!! Those quilts are gorgeous. If my sewing skills were better I would make one for my daughter's preschool auction/fundraiser next mont. Sadly, if I sewed it, I don't think anyone would bid on it!! : )

    Another great resource for hand print and footprint ideas is the Piggies and Paws company (I just found them through a friend yesterday — adorable and easy to copy ideas!)