Hand Print Art for Pre-K and Kindergarten

I don’t usu­ally post project ideas for Pre-K, since I teach K — 6 (so most of my ideas and resources are for those grades). Spe­cial thanks to Denise Har­rell, the coor­di­na­tor for Young Children’s World in Abi­lene, Texas, who sub­mit­ted these ideas. She used these projects for a Kids Kreations fundraiser and wanted to share them with oth­ers who are teach­ing this age group, as preschool teach­ers (like the rest of us!) are always on the look-out for good ideas! Thanks, Denise!!

While it can be desir­able to let Preschool­ers just exper­i­ment with their mate­ri­als and cre­ate intu­itively, there are times when you need a fin­ished prod­uct with a hol­i­day theme or maybe for a gift or a fundraiser project. So, here are a few ideas for cre­at­ing some spe­cial art­work with this age group for just such occasions!

Hand prints and foot prints from lit­tle ones always make a spe­cial keep­sake. You really can’t go wrong.… they are just so darn cute! As a mom of two adult kids, I can tell you they don’t stay this size for long, so get those hand prints and foot prints while you can! Fin­ger paint and tem­pera paint both work well for mak­ing prints and wash off eas­ily. (Have some wipes handy for the ini­tial clean­ing before you send them to the sink!) Hands and feet can also be printed or traced and cut out for glu­ing onto a sep­a­rate back­ground, which you can have the child paint ahead of time for extra charm. Details can also be added with mark­ers or cut-paper when dry, if desired. (For more ideas with cute hand print projects, check out Hand-Shaped Art by Diane Bon­ica.)

One last idea with the hand-print theme.… If you hap­pen to be a quil­ter, or have a par­ent in your class­room who likes to quilt, check out these quilts we made with our Kinder­garten­ers a while back.… We used quilt squares from Kids Kreations and the help of some ded­i­cated parent-volunteer quil­ters! These quilts were sold at our fundraiser auc­tion in the spring.

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  1. Pink & Green Mama October 25, 2009 at 4:27 pm #

    wow!! Those quilts are gor­geous. If my sewing skills were bet­ter I would make one for my daughter’s preschool auction/fundraiser next mont. Sadly, if I sewed it, I don’t think any­one would bid on it!! : )

    Another great resource for hand print and foot­print ideas is the Pig­gies and Paws com­pany (I just found them through a friend yes­ter­day — adorable and easy to copy ideas!)

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