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Underwater Fantasy inspired by Paul Klee

Swiss painter and graphic artist, Paul Klee, is known for his child-like use of line and color…. maybe that’s why kids relate so well to his work!  The influence of Surrealism, Expressionism, and Cubism is easily seen in his art, yet he really had a style all his own.  This project is inspired by his […]

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An Abstract “Musical Composition”!

Abstract art is a great way to teach composition and the Elements of Art… without the intimidation that can occur when striving for realism.  Take some musical symbols and create a random layout… and have fun with it!! Materials: 12×18 black construction paper Oil pastels (we used the Pentel 16 color set) Directions: 1. Sketch […]

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Kandinsky for Kinders

I love this color mixing lesson inspired by Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky! Kandinsky was an accomplished musician as well as an artist, so it’s fun to play music while the students are working. You can do variations of this lesson for just about any grade level. Here is what I do for Kindergarten and 1st […]

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Grade 3 Portfolios – The Shapes and Colors of Joy

“Matthew’s Dream”, by Leo Lionni, is my inspiration for our third grade portfolio project. In this charming fable, a boy named Matthew visits the museum with his classmates and is entranced by the paintings he sees there. That night Matthew has a magical dream which helps him to see the world around him in a […]

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Abstract Design with Markers

This project offers a great opportunity to introduce the work of abstract artists Robert & Sonia Delaunay. I first saw this idea almost 20 years ago – I have no idea where I got it from, but I’ve used it almost every year since then and its always been a hit! The results are consistently […]

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More about Picasso….

Self-Portrait 1907 by Pablo Picasso Yesterday’s post, “Wild ‘n Crazy Picasso Portraits”, left me inspired to write a little bit more about this amazing artist… Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), is often under-appreciated by people who don’t know much about him…. I usually have to remind students of “Rule #1” when teaching a class about […]

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Wild ‘n Crazy Picasso Portraits

“Picasso Portraits”, taught by Mrs. Mendence to her 2nd graders,after attending my teacher workshop, “Teach Kids Art with Markers” Nothing beats abstract art for getting kids to loosen up and just have fun with being creative! Not having to worry about making your picture look “realistic” really takes the pressure off, and for many, can […]

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